Chapter 12: Entering the Fifth Floor!

Chapter 12: Entering the Fifth Floor!


I opened my eyes. I was lying on a hard surface. Above, a stony ceiling. I slowly sat up, and saw the bars which held me inside the room. I was in a cell. I went through the last memories in my mind. We defeated the King and Royal Chancellor, both of which were dead and controlled by a Gemini Shade. A single demon—or shade, whether they were one in the same or not, able to control two similarly leveled boss-type characters at the same time. I will need to be wary of them.


Unfortunately for me, I remembered something. I hadn’t been able to collect any loot! I went unconscious and now I’m in this cell! I went over to the bars.


“Hey! I thought I’d be taken care of?! Someone come get me out of here!” There was no answer, however. My voice echoed through this underground prison. I started trying to shake the bars to no avail. My body was still sore. I wasn’t sure how long I had been out for. I sat down on the floor and brought up my status.



Health: 160/160

Mana: 22/22

Name: Zeryn Felix, The Treasure Dabbler

Level: 6 [EXP 1690/9600]

Class: Miraculum

Titles: Treasure Dabbler


Vitality: 10

Strength: 9 (14)

Dexterity: 10

Agility: 10

Willpower: 7

Intelligence: 6

Perception: 5 (12)

Wit: 5

Wisdom*: 9

Charisma: 3

Luck: 17 (22)

Active Buffs: None

Active Abilities: {Spin!}, {Biding Hellfire Rupture}, {Goblin’s Recovery Hymn},

{Area Scan},  {Sudden Slumber}, {Shrouded Blink},

{Goblin Alchemy: Elemental Flask}

Passive Abilities: {Assimilation}, {Fire Resistance: B}, {Goblin’s Tongue},

{Battle Prowess}


Unknown Ability: [???] 8/50



I had gained a total of three attributes from the encounter. I didn’t learn any new abilities. I gained a little bit of experience, however, I finally had a result from my luck stat! So luck can work like that as well?


Though things didn’t progress the way I imagined, I did gather some answers like I wanted—apparently these Goblin masters—it was because of that Shade. I still need to talk to Karafil. I went up to the bars again, when I started hearing footsteps.


[Goblin General, Kirbel Smashsmash the Royal Chancellor, Lv9]


“Oi! It’s ‘bout time ye woke up. Let me let ya outta there so ye can go see ‘is Majesty.”

Kirbel came over to the gate, and placed his hand over where he should have been putting in a key. I gave him a questioning look and he laughed, “Ain’t ever seen that before? Internal lock, Goblin specialty.”


I heard a clank, and the cell door unlatched, opening up. “So,” I asked, “How long was I out for?”


“Who knows.”


“Who knows?”


“Not me. That’s for sure. I ain’t keeping track of anythin’ like that. Too much work for me. Hahaha.”


We started walking towards the stairs out of this dungeon-like prison. I couldn’t help but ask, “So, why were you made the Royal Chancellor?”


“Huh? What do ya mean? Why wouldn’t I be?”


“You just seem—” I couldn’t really get it out.


“Hold up, bub. I’ll have ye know, I graduated at the top of class and was the youngest ol’ Goblin to be a general! I’d bet my special potty room that ye couldn’t even lead no troops near as damn well as me! My tactical prow… prow—”




“Don’t go interruptin’ me, bub! My tactical prowess is better than the last three kings, combined even! Just don’t go asking ‘is Majesty. No need to waste ‘is breath explainin’ this to you again.”


“Hmmm.” I didn’t speak anymore. I followed Kirbel up the stairs and we started walking through the castle. There were two guards which came to follow us as we made our way to the new King. As we approached the throne room, I could see guards standing outside, holding up a line of Goblin citizens. To my surprise, they were quite civil. There was sparse shouting, few were pushing, the majority waiting patiently for whatever.


Kirbel pushed through a couple of guards and was saluted. He looked up at me, “Alrighty, go on in. Don’t be an idiot.”


I couldn’t even bother retorting. I walked in, and there were guards lining up the room. Kirbel pulled the throne doors closed behind me. Last time I entered this room, well, I didn’t really enter, I was forcefully sucked in. However, there hadn’t been guards like this last time, like Karafil had expected. Perhaps it was due to the corrupted and dead previous King not wanting guards.


[Royal Goblin Kinged Guardian, Karafil Crownkeeper, the Goblin King, Lv11]


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