The 1/3 Vampire


Am in class thinking about this has I see a few desk too many, empty. I wonder if anyone cares, but I know people are worried and many families are trying to leave last minute. I on the other hand, am exhausted I had to keep track of those assholes hunters every night to figure out the patters of attacks they're making. Since as of late they not just attacking vampires they're aiming for any one with monster blood. 

I been helping monsters leave the city, hiding them as well as trying to locate the hunter's base. I almost got found out, so many times but for now it just me. This week am helping Mr. Will, in trying to get his wife Mrs. Will out of there. She in the hospital and wants to leave due the fact she is a mermaid and pregnant. She basically a sitting duck. 

As I try not to pass out in class the principle comes to our class.

"Joey Esmond I would like to speak to you after class." He said and left. 

Shit. The whole class was quiet and looking that me.  

"Alright, guys let this be a lesson, stay up all night isn't worth it when it comes down to your education, ok, now, where was I..." said the teacher. 

I just tried to stay up and after class went to the principle office. 

Ok lets get this over with. I hear him talk to someone in his office. 

I knocked on the door. 

"Who is it?" He said. 

"Uh it me, Joey you wanted to see me," I said poking my head in. 

I saw two hunters there. 

"Well, we must be going," the lady said and the two hunters left not before looking that me straight in the eye. 

I heard one of them whimpers. 

"He's the Outcast's son,"

Has soon has the hunters left, the principle locked the door. 

"Well, Joey it seem your our getting yourself into something quite dangerous." He said. 

"I don't know what you mean," I said. 

"I think you do, but to get to the point, the outsiders are taking control of position of power and that's never good." He said. 

"You mean the hunters." I said. 

"Yes, who else, as you know and Miss. Bellamy, this town isn't what it crack up to be, and am pass my prime," He said. 

"Dawn knows?" I said. 

"A lot of people know, this place was suppose to be safe haven for those with situation like Mr. Foster or Mr. Sol even you, child of an Outcast," He said. 

"You knew!" I said. 

"I know everything, it my job," He said.

Then something odd happen he looked transparent for a second and then all together has if he was in a vidoe he's whole bodied glitched and then went back to normal. 

"It seem I lost my battle." He said has he looks that his hand now fainting in and out. 

"What are you?" I asked. 

"I am a dead man who is merely there because a soul can not rest until my master's wish has been granted." He said. 

"When what's going to happen you," I asked. 

"my master have long ago pass away but their bloodline keeps me live but even they have no use for me and so this is happing," He said, he was glitching even more. 

"Wait so what going to happen?" I asked.

"I most likely will die and a Hunter will take my position and you will have a complete take over," He said.  

"Wait how is that a take over?" I asked. 

"I wouldn't blame you for not knowing but the New Mayor, The Chief of Police, anyone with a title or form of power has been replaced since the summer. With a Hunter, after me, they will most likely take over Hope Hospital and after that there will be an even bigger purge than what we have now." He said. 

"Why are you telling me this," I asked. 

"Because your not one to just sit there and let it happen," He said. 

He hand over my book bag which magically appeared in his hands. 

"There some things that may help you and don't worry these items can only come up in the bag then it holder is taking them out and reappear no matter what," He said. 

The bag felt heavy and when I put it on my back I felt a sting,

"Ow, what the..."

"It just tasting you, it for the bag to know who's their owner," He said. 

"Ok that just weird," I said ready to take it off. 

"My boy I do believe that bag will solve any small issue you have you could say you have an angel by your side," He said. 

"Is it an angel?" I asked. That this point nothing shocks me.

"No not really, it more of a monster, and really rare one. One of a kind but in short treat it well it a living thing now, like a dog it will love you unconditionally it your choice to take care of it, and with that I must tell you to go. What about to happen will not be pretty and has my years of a principal, watching my student grown into them self better or not, I don't want to be seen like this or remember like this." He said.

"I can't help you?" I said. 

"Sorry boy your bit too late," He said. 

I went to class nothing happen a couple days later in class it was announced. 

"It saddens me to say this unfortunate news ..... Principal Skipper has passed away in his sleep he was found two days later... am sorry" The announcement ended with that the teacher leaving the class room. 

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