The 1/3 Vampire

The cheerleaders

 I did a quick run to the Mercy hospital where Victor's dad works, as I was making my way there, an ambulance was heading to the hospital. The driver knew who I was, stopped, and let me get in the back.  

"Lucky for you kid, you don't have to play dead this time," the driver said.

"Thank Greg," I said. 

"Mrs. Bessie should be at the desk, I get her for you," said Keith. 
"Thanks," I said. 

"No thank you we can't help everyone with the hunters peeking in every hour," said Greg. 

"How is he?" I asked. 

"He doing well right now just busy since he got the position if he didn't we were about to lose a lot of coworkers," said Greg. 

"I figured," I said. 
"Kid you better be careful, we know you're looking around but don't get stuck in a trap," said Keith. 

"I won't," I said. 

We stopped and Keith hopped off. He ran inside and in a minute, Mrs. Bessie came out holding a box of items. That when I heard someone outside. 

"What are you doing Mrs.Bessie?" someone said outside. 

It was a familiar voice. 

"Shit it's Mia," whispered Greg. 

Damn it, it's my aunt. 

"Is she alone?" I asked. 

"She never is," He said. 

"Fuck," I said. 

"Hide over here, they about to do a check-up," He said. 

He pointed at a small cabinet door, I just sucked it up and got in there with the items inside to cover me. When I closed the door Greg got out. 

"What's the problem?" He said.

"Why is the nurse of the front desk not in the front desk?" said my aunt.   

"We used up our supplies and well Keith went to get something to eat and Mrs.Bessie was just doing us a favor," said Greg. 

"Why can't you do it?" she asked. 
"There has to be someone on the wheel, at all times." He said. 
"Then I hope you don't mind if we do a check," She said. 

Without him saying anything, I am guessing the people with her open the door.

"There's nothing," said my cousin Ben, I remember that squeaky voice anywhere.

"Am just going to put these in there," said Mrs. Bessie. 

"Why not let Greg here do it, Mrs.Bessie," said my aunt. 

"Mia," said Victor's Dad. 

Oh, thank god it's him. 

"David." said my aunt. 

"Why are you here?" He said. 

"Just checking on the operation of this Hospital it seems out of order." She said.

"Miss. Hellsing I don't think you were put in charge of inspecting and I am sure that Dr.Simmons is not expecting you today," He said. 

"Well I have to talk to him," said she. 

"He's in a meeting, I can take you there," He said. 
"Thank you," she said. 

I heard them follow and as the steps got quiet. Mrs. Bessie came in. 

"Joey!" she whispered.     

I was quick to get out.

"You were supposed to be there 20 min ago!" she said. 

I got my bag open,

"I know, I had something to deal with," I said. 

She starts to dump items into it. 

"Ok, everything is in there! Friday night I'll be at Will's house so don't worry about getting me." She said. 
"Good, if anything happens tell Greg he will send me the message ok," I said.
"Ok," She said. 
"Great, remember Friday at one in the morning," I said. 
"OK," she said. 

She then left as Greg got back in and Keith came back and we left. They drop me off at a JJ market where mom was shopping and I saw her car in the parking lot and ran inside to meet her there.

"Where have you been?" she said.

"Walking home why?" I asked. 

"Oh, really Mrs. Link saw you with June at the bus stop a while ago," She said. 

"Yeah, don't you like June?" I said. 

"Not when I found out she's friends with Nora, you know I don't like anything that's around your father's family." She said. 

Mom can be pretty scary and I knew she been arguing with my aunt's and uncle's but as of late their arguments have become intense. Last night when they try to get back into the house she pulled out grandma's shotgun. The thing about my mom is that she comes from a family who has a bit of a criminal background and was another reason my dad left the hunter's family, they didn't approve of my mom. Which is why my mom didn't do anything in the first place. They blame her for my dad leaving them or so they say. My dad on the other hand says he was never a good hunter and well, was pushed around a lot because he was weak also that they kick him out. 

That makes more sense to me, seeing how most hunter families act, they don't like weak people, and well there a kind of order.  The Oldest member is the leader, which is grandma, then there's the loyal dog which is Nora. Then below them are my uncles and aunts the more vampires they kill the higher they are in the order. If you don't follow the order, they treat you like shit. 

Anywho we make it home and I just go in my room to see Nora in here looking through my stuff for the fourth time this week.

"get the fuck out of my room!" I yelled taking whatever she had in her hand. 

It was mom's album book. 
She tried to grab it but I head butt her. 
That wasn't smart, my head hurts but she down and I step down on her shoulder. 

"You little shit," She said. 

"What are you doing with mom's album?" I asked. 

Before I could think about it, she grabs my leg and I trip before she could do anything else I kicked her in the face but she blocked it with her forearms. I quickly get up but using the album she punches me in the face with it. I let the book go and she tries to grab it but I kick her in her side which with my bed behind her she rolls over it and I grab the book with the noises we were making Will came in.

"Joey I swear if June in there," he said as he opens the door. 

He sees my messy room and Nora who jumped over my bed and the middle of drop-kicking me, I fell over to see his feet and I could see him grabbing her by the neck and yelling at the top of his lungs. I don't remember what he said. I was really out of it and my mom came in and she was over me. 

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