The Alpha's Mate

Chapter 5: That night

Once I got done checking on Theo I went to go to bed. When I got to the bedroom I saw Seth curled up like a wolf pup on a cold winters night on my side of the bed. I chuckled at the sight of him. I went over to him and woke him up. "Hey wake up you are in my spot baby." "Oh sorry Luna, I guess I was just so tired that I didn't notice that it was your spot on the bed." "It's okay baby just scootch over ok?" Seth nodded and moved over. And I got into my spot on the bed. I noticed that Seth was staring at me and I turned over. "What?" I asked him. "Has anyone ever told you that your eyes are like a crystal blue pool before?" he asked me. I chuckled. "No, no one has ever told me that before Seth." I replied batting my eyes at him in a flirty way. "Are you trying to get me turned on?" he asked me. "Cause if you are then it is TOTALLY working!" I laughed and leaned down to kiss him."Mmm" Seth said, smiling. And I smiled against his lips. "Be quiet and go to sleep silly!" I said laughing. He chuckled "Okay Luna goodnight." "Goodnight Seth." I went to sleep and dreamed of color. The morning came early, for us. And by early, I mean Theo getting up at like 6 am and shifting into his wolf and going outside to howl at the fucking moon just to make me mad as hell at him. This is how it happened me sleeping. Wakes up at 5:59am sees alarm says 5:59am, goes back to sleep. ONE MINUTE LATER. All of a sudden I hear: AWROOOOOOOOOOO. I jolt up in bed see the alarm and it says 6:00 am. And I'm just like THEOOOOOOOOOO. I grab my robe and slippers and walk out of the room and out the front door and I am SCREAMING at him in our mindlink. " THEO ANTHONY MASON MOON! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HOWLING AT FUCKING 6 IN THE MORNING YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE NOW GET YOU'R SKINNY LITTLE ASS IN THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW MISTER" "Sorry sis just wanted to let you know I made breakfast" "WELL THEN YOU COULD HAVE SHOOKEN ME AWAKE NOT HOWLING" "Theo I love you but if you are going to stay with me for a while you have to learn how to follow the rules that I have formed because these rules are to keep us safe, not to stop you from having some fun. And this is not a rule but it is now. You could have been seen and killed and I don't want you to get killed. Ok?" "Okay sis I get it." "Now get inside mister man and shift back once you get inside your room ok? I am hungry and I'll bet that Seth is awake by now."


Edited: 26.11.2020

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