The Badboy Billionaire Stole My Heart

Chapter 6

My driver arrived and after saying a quick goodbye to Ashton I sat in the car.

" Ma'am, where shall I drop you?"

" To home." I answered with my eyes tucked into the screen of my mobile phone, checking for messages from my assistant, Julius. He's a very decent and hardworking guy and quite better than my previous assistant.

As the driver pulled up in front of my new house which was miles away from the old one, I quickly opened the door and went straight into my new house. I hadn't purchased a big one as I wanted to invest more of the money in my new company.

It is a simple house which is of medium size. It is quite comfortable for a flexible person like me. I opened the house door and entered it. The smell of the paint hit my nose and I inhaled it deeply. I looked around my house and smiled. This is my house, the house I purchased out of my own hard earned money. This house only has a ground floor and a terrace. There is a big balcony with every room and the total rooms I have is 3.

Although the balcony is very much on the ground, it looks beautiful. I also am going to make a garden in the backyard and the courtyard. I quickly went to my room, which is of cyan colour with a bed in the middle, it's sheets of white colour including the pillows of the same coloured cover. A slider window is there just besides the bed i.e. on the right side.

A sofa at the other end of the room with a smart TV in front of it. I sat on the brown coloured sofa after I pulled out my phone from my purse, which was lying on the bed side table. I switched on the TV and connected my phone with it.

After opening YouTube I put on a relaxing music and closed my eyes. The music started playing, handing over the peace to my soul, peace to my body and peace to my brain. After a good 30 minutes I opened my eyes and woke up completely from my yogic sleep.

I sighed and standing up I went straight to the balcony. I saw the trees that were planted far away from my house. They looked beautiful. How beautiful the nature is! It always make me feel that living is worth it.

I closed the balcony door as I retreated to my room and I again sat on my sofa. I picked up my phone and typed Julius's number in the call log.

" Hello? Ma'am? " Julius's asked.

" Don't call me ma'am. Call me Macy." I said with a smile.

" Ok. Macy. So.."

" I want you to make arrangements for the opening ceremony. "

" Yes. "

" Everything should be up-to-date."

" Yea, I'll make sure about it. Anything else? "

" No, talk to you later."

" Hmm." As he agreed, I hung up the phone and stood up to go and visit my aunt. I moved out of the courtyard after I locked my house and went straight to my car.

My driver, who was ready with the car opened the back door for me and thanking him I shifted myself on the back seat. I was so scared when Ashton fooled me by the kidnapping of Elaine. I need to go and meet aunt.

The car came to life and started moving through the slient streets of my new colony. I looked around, and saw people talking, laughing and giggling as my car passed through the garden area.

After a few minutes of silence, I am standing right in front of my aunt's house which is as huge as my torture mansion. I pressed the doorbell and heard the ringing sound.

The doors, which were automated opened after the camera observed my iris. I went in and saw the cutest thing ever i.e Leo, aunt's dog. It came near my foot and started jumping up and down while brushing with my legs. I picked him up in my arms after which a familiar voice greeted me.

" Welcome, home sister." My cousin Elaine said. I looked at her while handing out the cute dog in her hands. She has blonde hair with black eyes. Her tummy bloated out and hands a little fatty. She's 23, almost 2 years older than me.

We hugged each other and went to have a seat on the black sofa.

" So...when is the opening ceremony of your new company? "

" On 30th of September." I said with a nervous smile on my face.

" Don't be so nervous, everything will be alright, if there's no one with you then me,my mom are there for you. That's correct, her father is currently in the 4th dimension, he went away maybe because he was too tired of life which always seemed to stress him out.

" How are you recently, my lollipop? " Suddenly an old voice came out of the kitchen. I turned my head backside and saw the mademoiselle wearing an apron and egg shells stuck in her bushy blonde hair. I felt like laughing but bit my lip and cleared my throat.

" I'm good and nervous bout my new company and how about you?.... Are you okay? " I added the last part to the sentence after I smelled something burning.

" Oh...yea, well it's just a candle burning... hehe" she answered with a hesitant smile on her face. I am sure that her kitchen must be well decorated with eggs on the floor and black pies gardened with smoke, smashed veggies on the kitchen counter.

I pulled my sis with me to the kitchen and the sight of it made me laugh. The kitchen is not at all a kitchen, it looked like a jungle of edible things which somehow turned inedible. In place of trees there is smoke coming from every corner, in place of mud there is decorating the ground the batter which was charcoal black.

The kitchen counter is more beautiful than this with the oven covered in bits of the splashed batter. Smoke was coming from the back of oven and don't know why I couldn't see a single candle burning, instead I for sure saw how creative my aunt could be. I looked at her and she immediately started whistling while moving her waist left to right.

" I can't see a single candle burning."

" Oh, that? Actually the candle already burned-out."

" About the kitchen mom? How do you plan to bring it back to a normal kitchen? " Elaine said with her eyebrows raised up.

" it's nothing I'll clean it in a minute. It's just that I messed up a little. " A little? Well for you it maybe but I remember, when I first overheated the food in the cooker and how it blasted like an atom bomb, with my screams rendering the whole house and literally I picked up the whole house on my head, my mom pulled my ear and scolded at me for more than an hour. My kitchen at that time was a big mess, but smaller than this one. I wish mom was with me, a year slipped from my left eye.

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