The Beautiful Witch

The Power To Play In the Mind

Dr. Michael suddenly sprang up to his feet when he heard the sound of a coming car. He realized he had drifted into sleep and the last thing he remembered was thinking about Minnie. But then he dreamed...and in his dream, he was walking aimlessly towards a mountain road in search of her.

Watching from the top, he wondered if this car was sent to rescue him but to his dismay, it slowly ran past him. It was a white  pickup car,  loaded with rolls of sheets he could not figure out in a moonlight. As he stared lazily from the rear end into its open cargo, wondering who could  that people be inside that vehicle, his eyes caught the willowing white cloth from the center of the rear panel. At first, he thought it was just a detached cloth from one of the rolls arranged neatly in the pickup bed. But to his surprise,  it was a white dress of a woman,  blown out fiercely by the wind!

He hurriedly fumbled on the button of the car to roll out its window.  He wondered  if this woman  was already the beautiful witch the people talked about. Why wouldn't he speculate? In this scary and  extremely cold zone of the mountain,  no woman in her right mind would stand at the back of a pickup car in the middle of the night! Was the driver of this car got drunk and lost his way? Had this witch floated from somewhere to scare him or worst,  make him her next victim, seeing that he was new to this place?

He stuck his head out to take a closer look...and damn it, his heart suddenly stopped...This should not be, he couldn't allow it. It shouldn't be her!

He shook his head vigorously, denying what he saw. This witch shouldn't mimic the face he longed so much to see again. The face who must had reflected the agony when he failed to come on the agreed time. The face who harbored pain the moment she realized that he was not choosing her.

He closed his eyes tightly, praying that he was just being deceived in what he saw. Just a while ago, this same scene was in his dream...If she was indeed the beautiful witch, did it mean she had the power to appear in his thoughts and in his dreams? Was the rumor that she has the ability to mimic the face of anyone who looked at her true after all?

It could also be possible that the fault was in him. His Minnie was in his mind all the time and it could be the reason why he, himself, was seeing the witch as her, not to mention the fact that he just woke up from a disturbed sleep. Or, it could also be out of his guilt and his desperation in finding her again. He was already spending so much in sending out teams to trace her up but the progress was still very low, almost close to none.

Thinking hard about all these, a sudden surge of anger welled up inside him. He just could not accept the fact that if ever this witch existed after all, she would mimic the only lovely face being registered in his heart and  mind. He could not allow her to do that! Whatever it would take, he must see this witch, even if going to that mountain was the cost!

He already knew the dangers as told by Dr. Rea and even came to believe that the incident a while ago was the first test. He even admitted to himself that the experience was indeed chilling to the bones and that no one could ever take it as a joke. No wonder why the villagers were so afraid of going up.

His mind then drifted back to the pickup car. It had already been more than thirty minutes but it had not come back. Had it fell down into the cliff? Or had the driver gone scared to death? If that was the case, how may lives had this mount claimed already? He could only imagine the fate of the travellers who possibly got curious to see the wonders of the place from the top. He could attest it to himself. If he hadn't gathered up his courage to face the tree demon last night, all of them would have fallen into the cliff. They would have been found lifeless in the morning with dilated eyes!


Back in the mission field later after the car engine restarted, he found out that all of them had not gone to sleep but were huddled up in one room.

"What happened?" asked Dr. Michael as he ran his eyes to each one of them.

Instead of replying, they quickly moved like a lightning and huddled closer to each other, stealthily glancing at him with those scared looks. Dr. Michael sighed in frustration as he got the message they were implying. They were all afraid of him, thinking that he was some sort of being hypnotized or that the spirit of that huge creature may had gone inside him.

"Relax, everyone! I was not being able to follow you right away because the engine died out due to overheating."

"Have you seen her?" Dr.Rea finally broke the silence.


"The beautiful witch. We saw a pickup car on our way here and there she was, floating at the back." Dr.Rea immediately burrowed her face at the back of another team mate, as if mentioning her name would invite her presence.

"What if she had cast an evil spell on us?" Another team mate voiced out her fear.

"Don't be deceived. Tales had it that these supernaturals only play with our minds.  They do not harm anyone. Only those who believed in their power can be affected by the so-called spells," a male surgeon butted in, easing out the tension rising within the room.

Dr. Michael was taken aback. These beings play only in the  minds? So, that was why he saw her Minnie's face in her?

"Dr. Michael, what's your opinion?"
the optometrist in the team spoke out.

He was confused on how he would answer her. He knew his words would always hold a great weight as their trusted team leader for many years now.

"Back in the old testament times, it is being told that they are the fallen angels or the outcast supporters of Lucifer. They are not harmful, contrary to how the people believed them to be. Just don't allow your fear to dominate your power of rational thinking."

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 10.10.2019

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