The Broken Perfection

Devil's Cruel Acts

Diya's POV

My eyes bulged out after taking a look at the letter in my hand. I glared intently at the letter and I was surprised that the letter still hasn't been burned under my scrutinising glare. Yup. You have guessed it right. The content of that stupid envelope is currently in my hand, at the verge of getting crumbled.

"What the hell is this!?"

"Can't I have a break!?"

I spoke out loud and glared at the letter in front of me.

Dear, Ms Diya Sharma,

We would really appreciate your presence at our headquarters coming Monday morning.

We need you to submit your official resignation letter in person and there are a few documents that need to be sorted out before you leave.

Hope to meet you on Monday. Thank you.


Admin of
Ranawat&Co company

" The fuck!"

" What does he think of me? Like hell, I would go!" I scoffed and crumpled the paper. I threw it in the nearby dustbin where it was supposed to belong permanently. Then, I took a deep breath to cool down my mind. But that didn't help at all, so I took out my phone and started playing 'Shadow fight'. " Damn...this temple is so difficult to unlock" I grumbled and starting indulging myself in defeating Master Yun in the game.

Third-person POV

" Boss, she threw the paper into the dustbin," said a guy who was dressed in all black. " Predictable. It's okay, you can leave for now. I will let you know if there's your need" Rahul said and hung up.

She did exactly what I thought she would do. I thought maybe after being hospitalised she won't have the energy to oppose the orders but as usual, I underestimated her.

He thought and laughed to himself. " But Diya Sharma, you must not forget that I am Rahul Singh Ranawat. If I want something I will make sure that happens by hook or crook. He smirked and dialled a number on his phone. After 10 minutes of talking, he hung up and smirked evilly. " If plan A fails, then plan B it is," he said and fisted his hand into a gun shape. " disyum" he mouthed and brought his forefinger and index finger near his mouth and pretend to blow off the smoke of his fake gun.

Third Person's POV

" Let go off me!!! You bastards!! You will pay for this once my boss gets his hands on you guys. Free me fucktards!!" a guy around mid 20 struggled to free his wrists that were tied up by ropes. " You know, I would shut the fuck up if I were you," said a guard who was in charge of watching over the guy who was currently throwing profanities at his gang and their boss.

" I am not a coward! I will die rather than bowing in front of your so-called boss" he snarled still trying to free himself from the ropes. Having enough of his bullshit, the guard went up to the guy and punched him across his face. That made him spit out blood but his courage never wavered away and he growled at the guard in return.

He was about to give the guard a piece of his mind but the sudden light in the darkroom coming from the opened door made his eyes to temporarily go blind. A 6'5 ft guy walked into the room followed by another guy. Even the sight of the silhouette of the guy was enough to cause goosebumps all over his body. He carried a dangerous aura along with him that made his enemies think twice before making a wrong move. People didn't call him the devil incarnated for no reason. He feeds on the miseries of his victims and takes pleasure in seeing them beg for their lives. He was a man of his words when it came to vengeance and revenge.

And now he was at the mercy of the devil, tied up and defenceless. The courage that he had moments ago started to slowly fade away as the guy's footsteps started becoming clearer. He gulped the lump formed in his throat and braced himself for the hell that he was about to face. Today was the day. Today was the last day where the devil's patience will finally wane away. If he refuses to spit the information about his gang he would be killed mercilessly by the devil himself but he knew this was bound to happen sooner or later. He took a deep breath and pretend to be courageous.

But he forgot that the man standing in front of him could smell his victims fear miles away from him. Thus, the moment he entered the room he immediately picked up the rising heart rate of the pathetic looking guy. He smirked at the guy's attempt of trying to look brave. " Speak," he said in a dangerously calm tone after lifting up the guy's chin to look at him.

But he remained speechless in front of the devil. The guard that followed the devil came over him and punched him in the gut making him groan in pain. " No matter whatever you do to me, I would never give you what you want" he spat clutching his throbbing stomach. " Then, you leave me with no choice," he said and motioned his guard to bring over his iPad.

" Here, have a look," he said and shoved the iPad into his shaking hands. The poor guy's face paled instantly when his eyes landed on the screen. There he saw his 5-year-old daughter and wife clutching each other with guards pointing guns on their heads. The little girl kept on sobbing while her mother soothed her daughter with her warm embrace.

"" his voice came out in breaths. He gave a sinister smile to the guy who was now sweating profusely out of anxiety. " What do you think?" he smirked and grabbed the poor guy's jaw tightly. " You can fool the person who you work for but you can't fool me. Do you think I would never know? You secretly married this woman and had a child with her. You hid both of them from the world you lived to ensure their safety. However, you have forgotten that nothing gets away from my eyes. Nothing" he spat and tighten the guy's jaw making it bleed.

The Night Fury

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