The first princess of Hell

Chapter No 9

First day on earth and i met a human who was concerned about my bruises. He not only took me to the hospital but gave a room in his home. I had nowhere to go , nowhere to live. A punishment this severe? I could not have survived it if Étienne would not have been here. I guess he is a kind of guardian angel for me. I’m such a stupid, why am i thinking like this? I don’t like humans and i will live here for one month and go back !!

“Hey? what are you thinking about ?” Étienne asked.

“Uhh nothing. Do you need anythi...” I heard a sound. It was my stomach !! and i did not know how to put this feeling into words.

“Its just that Étienne , i can not explain but..”

He cut me off saying

“Do you feel like a thousand people having a marathon in your stomach?” He asked and smiled.

“Yes , what do you humans call this . I forgot its name.”

“Haha lilith you are hungry and you don’t even know the word and what is this you humans? You are a human too. Stop acting you are not one of us.” He was annoyed.

“I am sorry Étienne ” I was ashamed.

“And its not Étienne (ay te en) its Étienne (ay te en). You’ve been pronouncing my name wrong.”

“I am sorry , again,” I laughed this time instead of being ashamed.

“Lets go out , you need to eat something” He turned away and got out of the room.

“Hunger? Really? Atleast you could’ve given me this power to never get hungry.Arghhh.” I looked up at the cieling becuase i knew diety would be looking at me right now.

“Who are you talking to lilith?”

“Uhh Étienne , no one. Lets go out”

We went to a restaurant , it was on 5 minutes walk from his home. He was really generous i thought to myself on the walk.

“What do you want to eat?“He asked looking at me from behind a slim book , and had a word written on it called menu.

“I don’t know. You are the boss , whatever you order.“I said with a smile.

He ordered Soupe à l’oignon i can not even pronounce. WHAT AM I GOING TO EAT? UGHHHH. He said it was a soup made up of onions and beef stock , well to be honest he kind of looks handsome when he speaks french, which i don’t know a word of.

Our order was served in little time.

“Do you know how to eat this right?“He asked picking up a spoon.

“Yes, i do” but actually i did not.I just copied him all the time. So this way the way to have soup. Thats nice i thought to myself, while copying him.

As we were about to leave, someone called Étienne from behind. Both of us turned to see who it was.

“Hey Étienne, how are you? Its been days since we all have seen you. You’ve not met any of us since your breakup. And who is this girl with you?”

“Oh she is my friend , lilith.And lilith , they are my friends.This is Anaïs.”

He pointed towards a slim girl with golden hair , and brown hair.

“This is corentin, lucien,Maël,fleur and delphine.“He pointed towards each of his friends.

“Hey? why don’t you join us lilith?” Maël said and pointed towards the restaurant hall.

"Sorry guys you are late, we just had our dinner and we are going home. I'll meet you all later."He took my hand , and we left the restaurant.

"Who did you breakup with?"I asked knowing that he would get angry but i was just curious i guess.

"Her name was Claudia, We were together for almost four years. But she left suddenly without saying a word."

"Where did she go?"

"To Africa."

"But why?"

"She is a wildlife photographer, she was appointed by a magazine to take animals pictures and one day before she was about to leave , she told me about it. And we had a fight , so she left.Making me hang in here in the darkness."

I did not ask him any more about her , i knew he would get sad so i thought it would be better to not discuss this topic.

We went home but he was sad so he made way to his room. This night will be awful i think now.


Mahnoor Khan

Edited: 30.07.2020

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