The Guardian Devil

Chapter 5 “A New Beginning?”

Angela's P.O.V

I was finally feeling comfortable after the two years of hell I have been in.

Instead of the cold hard feeling of the floors I have slept on, I now felt something soft and cushiony under me. I could feel the finest silky sheets beneath me and the silkiest covers I have ever known, on top of me.

Every day of these two years I prayed to God to either finish all the tortures and miseries, though the candle of hope I held; diminished with each prayer. It came to the point where I stopped praying for freedom and just wished for God to finish me, as death would be like a present compared to the hell I was in.

Did god finally hear me? Was I dead and in heaven that I was feeling so comfortable. I tried to move my body to see, but the pain in my body told me otherwise. I don't think dead people can feel pain. Can they?

So does that mean, God ended my miseries? Does that mean that I can again live my life, without the tortures?

I tried opening my eyes but squinted them immediately to adjust to the light in the room. After a few minutes, when my eyes finally adjusted to the surroundings, I looked at the room I was in.

It was a gigantic room with gray highlights topping the black walls. A massive screen was mounted on the wall opposite to the bed and the king sized bed I was laying on, had the smoothest grey silk bedsheets and white silk covers were pulled over me.

I tried to remove the covers, but felt a sharp pang of pain in my palm. I raised my arm to take a look at my hand when I noticed the numerous bandages that were wrapped on almost every part of my body and whatever part was left was covered in bruises on which some herb like smelly ointment was applied.

I tried to get up, but the soreness in my body made it hard for me to do so. I felt numb if I just laid down and the pain then was also tolerable. But as soon as I tried to move my body, the intensity of the pain increased so much so, that it became unbearable.

But no matter what, I have to move. I can't just lay down without knowing anything about this place and the people living here. What if they try to hurt me. Or worse what if they send me back to hell I have just been able to escape.

I heard a knock on the door and fear upsurged in me. I was constantly trembling, but could not muster the courage to open the door and see, whether the person who was knocking, was a friend or a foe, though the chances of him being the latter were much more. My past have taught me that much, and I don't think that will change ever.

Whoever was on the other side of the door knocked again.I knew i had to do something soon, otherwise all my struggle to escape, will go down the drain. The frequency and the force with which the person was knocking; was increasing every second. Thus, Ignoring all the pain I felt, I got up from the bed, frantically searching for a place to hide.

Suddenly I heard the door opening, so I rushed to the nearest place I could think of to hide myself, behind the headrest of the bed. It is certainly the most foolish place to think of, when hiding, but my mind can't think of any other place at this moment.

I couldn't feel any strength left in my legs, so as soon i tried to hurry up and stand, my legs wobbled and i almost fell. Stupidly I curled up, as if it could make me disappear.

I could hear the footsteps moving towards me, and my body started shaking more fiercely. Instinctively I waited for the hit and the pain it will cause, as it almost became my routine for the past years, but surprisingly the hit never came, and neither the pain.

By the corner of my eyes, I saw the person taking a step back.

"Don't be afraid. No one is going to hurt you. I promise. Trust me" he said in a soft yet clearly audible voice. His voice was very manly and authoritative, but somehow it calmed my nerves a little.

Still afraid, I moved my head just a bit, and looked at the person. He was around 6'4" or 6'5" tall and was literally looking like a Greek God. But what caught my attention was the honesty in his eyes.

The moment I saw his eyes I somehow knew, that the concern I heard in his voice was genuine. I don't know that whether or not I can trust him, but I can feel a very strong intuition that he will not hurt me.

"Don't worry. No one is going to harm you here. This place is entirely safe and no one can come here without permission. You don't need to be frightened from now on, by anything or anyone. I promise I'll protect you with my life." he said to me in a comforting tone while crouching a few inches away from me. But it somehow looked as if he said the last part more to himself than to me.

I am so confused whether to believe his words or not.

My past experience have taught me that, people are not always what they appear to be..that, trusting easily never brings you good.. that, just because they are nice to you doesn't mean they can't hurt you later.

And i learnt my lesson well. But, I don't know why, I wanted to hope that he might not be like the people I have met in the past. My heart wanted to trust him but my mind was in severe opposition and said otherwise.

Nonetheless I nodded, but immediately looked down again, not understanding the chaos in my mind. I know better than to trust anyone now, but why was I still feeling hope for him, no matter the tiniest bit, but still..?


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