The Highest Summit

Chapter 14: First day of high school. This sucks!


First day of school. I don’t know if I should jump in front of a moving car, hang myself or hold my breath until I faint. The latter might take a lot longer. I wait for Sam to pick me up. Alex could have taken me to school, but Sam insisted to do it himself. Justin joked that he just wants to brag with his hot girlfriend at which Sam nodded, grinning widely.

“Morning, beautiful,” he says when I get in his car.

“Morning, handsome,” I say and lean forward to kiss him.

“Ready for your first day at school?” he asks as he drives off.

“No. Can we please go back? I want to stay at home,” I say whining.

“Come on. It’ll be fine. I’m going to be there, Alex, Liz, Chloe, Adele, Liam, Derek and Abigail,” he says listing our friends.

“You forgot Mason, Marisol, Ethan, Daniel,” I say with a pout.

“Forget them. It’ll be fun.”

“Easy for you to say. You aren’t the new one at school.”

“Hey. You won’t be the new girl for long. Soon everyone will forget about you. Trust me.” I wish.

We soon arrive at school and Sam parks his car. We meet our friends in front of the school and we all say our hellos. From my peripheral I see Marisol strutting around like she’s some super model, glancing at us and making a disgusted face.

“What’s that skank’s problem?” Adele asks. She and I, despite our very different personalities, have become good friends.

“I guess Bobbi is,” Chloe says, glaring at Marisol.

“What? Why me?”

“’Cause our boy Sam chose you instead of her,” Justin says grinning.

“That’s not my problem,” I say forcefully.

“Of course not. Ignore her, babe,” Sam says and kisses my cheek.

“Come on, Bee, let’s get you to the principal’s office,” Alex says. He, Sam and I walk there in awkward silence. Awkward because one of them was enough to show me to the principal’s office. Alex tries to be my protective older brother, but he and Sam have been friends for a long time and he knows that Sam would never hurt me. Especially, not after what he went through with his father.

A few weeks ago, after we had that fight, Sam told me that his mom told him that his father got killed while trying to escape. We talked a lot about it and eventually he broke down and cried. He didn’t cry particularly because the man who abused him and his mother died, but I think he was overwhelmed by all those emotions.

We reach the principal’s office and I introduce myself to the secretary. She hands me my schedule and tells me which locker is mine. Thankfully mine is near Alex’ and Sam’s, not that it really matters. I thank her and the three of us leave.

“What’s your first period?” Sam asks.

“Math,” I say with a groan. Sam chuckles.

“Come on. We did some math,” he says.

“I hope that’s not a euphemism for sex,” Alex says looking as if we just told him we dissected a frog.

“Alex,” I shout.

“No,” Sam assures him.

“Good. My sister is too young for…” Alex says but I kick him in the balls. “Ow. The fuck, Bee. Why?”

“First, I’m not too young for anything. Two, you are not my dad to forbid me anything. Three, even if dad wouldn’t approve, I will have sex whenever the fuck I want. Stay out of my business, Alex, or I’ll kick your ass,” I say.

“I’m just looking out for you,” Alex says trying to stand straight again.

“Alex, I swear, I would never…” Sam starts saying but I turn around and glare at him.

“If you say touch your sister I’m gonna kick your ass, too. This is not his decision, or yours. This is mine and your decision, Sam. We’ll do it when we’re both ready. Now, both of you, shut up.”

“Okay. I’m just trying to be a good big brother.”

“Alex, just be yourself. I know dad gave you the talk. I heard him tell you to look out for me. But do you really think Sam would hurt me?” Alex looks from me to his friend and shakes his head.

“Bobbi, he is just trying to protect you,” Sam says.

“From you?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

“From the world. Don’t get this wrong, babe. We love you and want to protect you,” he says sweetly.

“Love? You guys got to the L-word already?” Alex asks teasingly.

“Got a problem with that?” I ask.

“Nope. Alright. Sorry, man. I’m glad my sister is with you,” Alex says and he and Sam shake hands. He leaves us alone as Sam walks me to my locker. I open it and put what I don’t need inside.

“You ready?” he asks.

“Not really.”

“You’ll be fine. Be brave, my Ice Queen,” he says and I smile. Matt and Scott usually use the term to piss me off, but coming from Sam it’s like the sweetest compliment.

“I love you,” I tell him. He smiles and kisses me gently on the lips.

“I love you, too.”

He walks me to my class and we kiss goodbye. I enter the class room to find the teacher already in there. I introduce myself and Ms. Matthews sits me in the back and gives me a test so that she can see what I already know and what needs improvement. Dad already talked to the school and the teachers know I was home schooled for the past two years. So, probably all of my teachers will want to test me. Great, a week full of tests. High school sucks.


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