The love of a wolf

Chapter 1

      I have been affraid of hights since I was little, I decided I would go out onto my third floor balcony to enjoy some fresh air this early night. I started watching the sunset when I noticed how beautiful the stars started to shine. I could also see the reflection of the sunset off Lake Erie. Taking in deep breaths, I slowly made my way to the edge to see more, I then decided to be brave and look over the edge just a little bit. Thinking maybe if I can look over, my fears would end.

    But it didnt work the way I had planned. I felt what can only be described to you as vertigo and I freaked out. I backed up to the wall near the door of the balcony and sat down. Maybe one day I won't let fear win. I started to relaxed when I herd a noise, it was my friend Conner coming up to check on me like always. “Hey are you okay?” I shook my head yes. “How many times are you going to try and fix something that might no be able to be fixed?” I looked up at the sky and started to ignore him. “You know if you used the same determination in your artwork as you do trying to concure your fear you might actually pass yourself off as a actual artist.”

     I smiled at him,” now why would I do that when I have a friend like you, who would pay for my art even if it looked like a baby drew it." We both gave a small laugh. He was at least five foot eight and he always wore a suit. He had a metal cane that supported a lazy leg. I remember when he used to have to walk around with a crutch for a week.

      When his cane finally came he showed it off like it was a new gift. He even got a metal dragon place on top as a handle. In the mouth of the dragon was a custom fit moon stone. I always thought it was like the game dugeon and dragons, which i thought was cheesy; but he loves it . He would even try to chase me around the house with it sometimes acting like a old man waving it around.


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Story about: found out my roomates a werewolf

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