The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Eleven: Clues


The morning of my vision Hayden and I seek out Pop's, so I can tell them both about my "nightmare".

"Pop's" Hayden calls out once we find him chatting up with the club members.

Hayden captures everyone's attention with his gruff voice, however, our main focus is on Pop's. 

Pop's must have noticed my anxious expression, as he gets up from his chair and walks in the direction of his office without a word. I look back at the bikers as we follow the grizzly bear, and see that they all have scowls on their confused faces. 

Once we arrived, Pop's shuts the door and I waste no time. I tell them everything in detail about the horrific occurrence, their faces go from confused to disgust to anger then to horrified. 

When I finish Hayden Kneels in front of me, grabs my face and wipes away my tears with his thumbs. Surprising me a bit as I didn't notice that I was crying welts re-living the "nightmare".

I take a deep breath and pull back from Hayden, he looks at me in concern then kisses my cheek and takes a seat next to me on the love seat. 

"The thing is, I don't know if it's in real time or not," I say in an embarrassingly brittle tone. 

I look up at both of them to see if they think I'm off my meds, however, I find that they both have their thinking faces on. Pop's sat back in his chair tapping his pen on the desk, welts tilting his head to one side, and Hayden is leaning his arms on his knees with a slight frown on his face looking at his hands as if they hold answers. 

" You mean, you think that the victim could still be alive?" say's Pop's breaking the silence with an inquisitive brow raised.

"Yes I do, I mean if I can save him from his unfortunate fate, then I will do all I can to stop it from happening." I sighed and looked to them with teary eyes. 

"There has to be a reason that  I'm seeing all of this, I want there to be a reason there just has to be," I say softly 

Hayden and Pop's both nod their heads soberly and both stand up suddenly with the look of determination in their eyes. I look up in bewilderment when Hayden grabs both of my hands and pulls me up to my feet. 

"Well let get started angel, I promise we'll do anything we can to save him," Hayden says with confidence that I wish I could possess, and smiles down at me warmly welts leading me towards the office door. 

"We know where he works from that little clue he had on his shirt, why don't we pay them a visit." Pop's declares. 

 'Steve's Construction' here we come. 


It turns out it's not too far from where the clubhouse is located. Once we stop in front of the building reading in bold yellow letters 'Steve's Construction' similar to the shirt the victim wore, I got instant butterflies in my stomach. 

I climb off of Hayden's motorbike and look at our surroundings. Which seem suspiciously deserted, in other words, a perfect place to kidnap someone without any witnesses. 

Pop's and Hayden must have come to the same conclusion, as they walk alongside me. Pop's on my left and Hayden on my right, both alert looking around for any threats as we walk towards the entrance of the building. 

As we walk in the first thing I notice is the startling temperature change and a man that look's to be in his late forties. He has light brown hair with a few greys making an appearance. However what throws me off is his dead blue eye's. 

We come to a stop in front of the reception desk, where dead eye's stands. He looks me up and down with a perverted smirk upon his wrinkled face. 

Feeling like a piece of meat, I step back as subtly as could and hid my body behind Hayden. thankfully Hayden noticed and wraps his arm around my waist protectively, I look up from behind his back and see Pop's and Hayden giving the creeper the death stare. 

Dead eye's attention moves to my protectors and notices two bikers about to cause destruction. He just smiles condescendingly and tilts his head to the side observing us. 

"I'd suggest you stop looking at my girl, or I'll rip your eye's out," Hayden growls threateningly.

Oh Gosh 

I touch Hayden's arm to calm him down a bit, we don't have time to waste. Hayden looks down at me, see's my expression and noticeably relaxes then nod's. 

"How can I help you?" Dead eyes said welts looking between Hayden and me like he's trying to figure out an equation. 

let's just say very unnerving.

"Yes, my fiancé and I are wanting to build our dream home before we get married. We would like to look at some designs."  Hayden says surprising me to the point that I almost choked on my own spit.

Dead eye's glances at Pop's probably wondering why he came along. Pop's notices and give's him a shrug and say's the one thing I didn't expect him to say.... the truth. 

"What I just tagged along, got a problem?"

I hide my smile behind Hayden's back and notice Hayden's shoulders shake with withheld laughter. 

Dead eye's just nod's his head and waves over a man I didn't notice sitting in the corner of the room. 

was he there the whole time?

He's quite tall, maybe around six feet. Looks to be in his fifties with grizzled grey hair, his eye's are a warm brown and appears to have a welcoming smile. 


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