The Outlaw And Newcomer

Episode 3 - Fascinate poison

  Spread the newspaper alone in a quiet dining room where the sun shines. Chandeliers are hung on the ceiling of the dining room, and carpets are laid on the floor. A candlestick is placed as an interior on a long table for ten people.

  It was Noah's daily routine to read the newspaper while eating breakfast. The headline article is an explosion accident in the capital Noryiv, and allegations of fraud in local elections. None of them are particularly new.


"Good morning"


  Brother-in-law, Yakov, appeared with a low voice, rubbing his sleepy eyes. He sat across from him and had breakfast. Her proud dark blonde hair is jumping due to his sleeping habit. He is also an underboss who has been recognized for his ability and is No. 3 in the organization.


  Noah replied and kept turning the page. Then a small article in the economic section caught his eye.


"Assesslabo, a subsidiary of the BEC Group, criticizes the environmental measures of mining companies. Assesslabo announces the results of an environmental survey in the Boshtka Basin, Republic of Quibergia. "


  BEC is a multinational company, and Azharkshan also has a branch office. Famous for eliminating antisocial forces, they have conflicted with the Rubenno family for many years.

  The Republic of Quibergia in the article is one of the regions that make up the Azharkshan Federation, and is exactly where he is now. Boshtka basin, it is the area where the mines run by the organization are located.


"Assesslabo conducts voluntary environmental assessments. The pH of the Boshtka River is 5.5, they said, which is acidifying. It is below the lower limit of the standard value of 5.8, which is different from the value announced by the Boshtka Copper Mine. The company said that sulfide contained in the mine drainage of the Boshtka copper mine was the cause of acidification, and pointed out that drainage treatment was insufficient. It also announced that it detected heavy metals that exceeded the standard value. The company is concerned about health hazards to residents. "


  The Boshtka copper mine is family-owned, but BEC pointed it out by name.

  Noah looked up and saw his younger brother sitting across from him.

"Yakov, did you see this article?"

  Hand over the newspaper and show the article of BEC. Mine management was under the jurisdiction of Yakov.

"Oh, this is it. I saw it online last night."

  He had a difficult face and scratched his blonde hair.


"They come in a fight. They're really annoying, BEC. Still not paying protection rackets. Do they know that this mine is owned by us?"

"If they knew and said, they would be pretty brave."

  Noah smiled bitterly.

"They're saying that environmental research is for the public good, but their recent main business is clean infrastructure, so they just want to publicize it. They're aiming to improve the impression. Well, it's not much talked about. It's not big damage, but just annoying. "


  Yakov talks while stuffing bread in his mouth.


"Isn't there any problem?"

"On the contrary, I will sue for defamation .... No, I wonder if I will rub it out before that. At that time, I need your support, bro."


  Yakov says in a light tone. If he, the person in charge, says so, there should be no problem. Noah turned over the continuation of the newspaper.

  For a moment, he saw a small article "R.I.P Attorney Maxim Kovalenko. He has a lot of achievements in proceedings against companies, and he died of heart failure at home on February 15th. ”

  However, the content was not particularly related to the organization, so his eyes slipped. It was forgotten from his memory.


  After reading the newspaper, spend a little time with the family. Yakov in front is a Russian Azharkshanian and is sometimes called by the nickname Japanese (Yaponchik). He is also a genuine playboy who sleeps with a woman indiscriminately with a sweet face like an actor.

  When Noah was fifteen, he entered a training center to train executive candidates for the organization. At that time, Yakov was already in the same training center. Both have been struck by the knowledge of combat and the knowledge necessary for organizational management, and have spent many years both publicly and privately.

  This younger brother is the only one who can have private consultations. Noah had something that he could ask only to him.


"Hey Yakov ... How can I invite a woman to make say yes?"


  When Noah asked with a mysterious look, Yakov immediately leaned forward with a grinning face.


"Who, who?"

"Do you know Maria-Carmen?"

"I know. I've met you somewhere about once. You know she is hot."

  He nodded.


"I met her for the first time the day before yesterday and invited her to a meal, but she said she doesn't want that usual way."

"There's nothing wrong with being turned down once. She might just want to turn it down the first time and see what you're doing. That's what women do."


 Noah convinced. In the past, the approach was mostly from women, and it ended with a shallow relationship. It's best to ask Yakov about the right steps to date.


"After that, just do normal things. Contact often, bring flowers every date, give occasional gifts for no reason, that's it."

  When Noah heard that, he weakened and groaned low, "Ah".

"I never took it as normal."

  Impossible, he frowned.






  Later, Noah, accompanied by three subordinates, went to the trading place promised to the seller introduced by Carmen. At 10 o'clock in the evening, drive to the riverbed of the Dnir River. The narrow roads along the river are usually closed to anyone, and the trees are overgrown and invisible from public roads, making it a great trading place.

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