The Sparkle of Dark

2| A Revelation

Nevertheless, she walked towards the washroom, to fresh herself. Her entire body is pounding due to squirming inside the cupboard. Her lips left some dried blood stains while her hairs are ruffled, sticking around her delicate, wet face. But, she isn't bothered about it. It has been almost eight months since she last saw her beautiful, and adorable countenance. It is not like she doesn't want to look in the mirror but unfortunately, her chances are snatched away. She is now somewhat, used to her blind functionings. She has memorized the number of steps and directions around the house to do her everyday chores. After completing her morning errands, she entered her room. She rummaged her closet and took out a lemon-yellow sundress. She doesn't have the slightest idea about her dress colour or style, she just felt a smooth, cotton fabric sliding between her fragile, soft fingers. The arrangement of her clothes in different shelves helps her to know about the type of outfit. 
Quickly getting dressed, she headed downstairs. Softly, putting each step slowly holding the railing, she stepped down the stairs, counting them under her breath. After walking down around twenty steps, she headed toward the kitchen.
"Honey, you are ready?", she asked looking up from her pan.
" Yep", she said with a warm smile. 
I might be in a huge sorrow and grief but I can't make Aliona sad too, she has been my second mom after mother's demise... she loved me like her child. Ava thought. 
"You sit down, I'm coming with the breakfast", she said while holding her shoulders and turning her towards the table.
She headed towards it and cautiously sat down on a chair. Soon, Aliona came with pancakes coated with her favourite maple syrup. 
" Dear, can you please pass me the chocolate sauce, it's in your left ", she asked her politely. 
She searched the bottle and soon she felt a cold tingle on her fingers and grabbing the chocolate glass bottle she gave it to Aliona with a contagious smile. 
After finishing their breakfast, they headed for the hospital.
" Aliona, is it too important to go to the hospital?", Ava asked her with a small pout.
"Yes dear, Mr Brown will do your checkup, which is very important", she said with concern. 
Ava nodded but is still with the anticipation of visiting the hospital. After her parent's death, the mere name of hospital torments her. The white walls and floors stained with the smell of the medicines and drugs are somewhat stirred back all those memories of months back!! 
They booked a cab and went to the hospital.
After reaching there in the next 20 minutes, they headed for Dr Brown.
Dr Brown is treating her from early-stage since she lost her sight. He has been examining her with utmost care and concern and has tried hard to comfort her with her loses.
Aliona knocked on the white doors and a deep voice came muffled from inside, 
" Come in". 
Aliona holding Ava entered the white shaded chamber filled with the smell of medicines and drugs. 
Mr Brown looked up from his medical files and smiled looking at both of them.
"Hello, Mrs Watson ", he said with a welcoming smile and extended his hand towards Aliona for a shake. She shook his hand.
" Hello Doctor ", Aliona greeted her, reciprocating the smile.
" Hello Dear", he then greeted Ava with a contagious smile.
"Hello Doctor", Ava sensing the tone of him, reciprocated his smile.
" Come, sit", he said them.
Aliona helped Ava and they sat on the seats.
"Aliona, dear! Let's have a quick checkup", Mr Brown said while standing up from his chair. 
Aliona nodded with a small smile and stood up.
They helped her towards the examining sector and sitted her on the small chair opposite to the biomicroscope. It sends out an intense beam of light as it views her eyes and provides a magnified view of the eye structures in detail. He further performs the confrontation test. Ava focuses on Mr Brown's nose. He slowly moved a finger or hand from the outer edge of the visual field toward the centre and the centre toward the edge through all areas of the visual field. Performing all the other tests, Ava was at last released from her checkup.
" Ava! Please go with the nurse. She will give you some eye drops and medicines.", Mr Brown instructed her.
Ava nodded with a smile and soon the nurse came and took her. 
"Mrs Watson! I have something important to talk with you", Mr Brown said with a serious expression. 
Aliona frowned at his words with a little fear kindling in her heart.
" Is everything fine doctor?", She asked with fear overcoming her. 
"Not so Mrs Watson", he said while shooking his head. " I have told you that maybe Ava can get back her eyesight but I think her chances are lost", he paused looking at the figure front of him in a crying mess. He continued with great difficulty.
"The accident was horrific and it impacts on her is more dreadful. The carotid arteries in our neck which bring blood to our eyes and brain from our heart, is partially damaged and there to sudden pressure the blood vessels bringing the blood to the eyes are blocked causing no blood to flow to her eyes ", he illustrated her Ava's condition. 
When all those words registered inside her mind, she broke down into sobs. Her body racked with silent sobbing. She pressed her mouth with her soft fingers to stop the sobs which are escaping out forcefully. 
" Please Mrs Watson, stay strong", he tried to assure her. 
"Doctor is there no way she can get back her eyes!!", she said between her cries. 
" Mrs Watson...uh......", He tried to form words but failed miserably.
"Please doctor, is there no way!!!?", she broke down into more sobs.
" I'm sorry Mrs Watson", he said with a guilt feeling. "If I can, I could have done".
" Ohh God!!", she exclaimed with huge pain.
"But...", Mr Brown suddenly said in a low voice. 
Aliona looked up at him with the last hope.
" She can get fine with an operation but...", Aliona cut him up.
"Really!!", she said with sudden happiness.
" But Mrs Watson, the operation can only be performed after some years. The internal shock which she got fur to the sudden jerk during the car crash. Performing any operation now, can cost her life ".
Hearing so, Aliona gasped with tear-filled eyes. 
" We can operate after some years but still we have only 60% of chance of getting back her eyesight", he dropped another boom. 
Aliona couldn't take all this anymore. After Cassandra's demise, she promised to love and care her as her child. 
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Koushiki Bose

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