Twin Deeds @1

Find Them!!!

"What hapenned Caroline why did you call me to New York all of a sudden?"
"The twins....."
"What twins?"
" children..the twins i gave birth to on 25th Dec..the police found the nurse missing...we were the last patients she met..maybe i someway the police suspects us...where did you keep the body?"
"What? how come after 10 years they are interrogating?"
"Sam they said that they were looking for clues...all these years..patients were not interrogated...only hospital staff..but now she was missing for 10 years so they took a step forward..."
"What now?"
"Firstly you tell me where did you keep the body?"
"Oh..yes the first i locked the body in the store room but then i thought i thought that there is too much risk so i kept the body locked in my old locker...but one day i don't know how she woke up and i forgot to lock the locker and when i returned i found her gone..."
"What did you do? and so much hapenned..why didn't you tell me..and most of all she is alive...what do we do, what if she tells the police everything?"
"Don't worry i always locked her in a space full of chlorophyll..and when a person breathes too much of chlorophyll...."
"That person faints?"
"Yes faints plus her memory gets chill even if the police found her she would not be able to tell anything..."
"Are you sure?"
"100%, perhaps you don't know that i used to be a medical student before i picked cyber science..."
"Ok..but we have one problem...we don't have the children..."
"That is equal to almost 100 problems.."
"We need to find the children...let's go to that orphanage where i left them..but this time you go..because i think i told you about last time..."
"Ok..i will go there and claim to be the child's father..."
"Don't be silly..i told her that..her mother and father died..."
"Not the father..but i will tell her that it was the stepfather that died...can't a women have 2 husbands?"
"You are go we need to go to the hospital tomorrow for interrogation..."
"I will be quick"

Secret writer

Edited: 12.01.2021

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