Twin Deeds @1

I need to mess the fix!!!

Caroline's pov:-

Can't belive that....Sam...that rich boy..just left the company....what? are you thinking how do i know? but this is the breaking news on t.v....i think that Sam drank too much..i was so expecting that this case would just disappear so that i can go back to work again...and do some shopping with Amelia too....she was my best friend and i couldn't manage these so many companies witjout her...
"Ma'am...what about Mr. Roberts...where is he? we need his statement..."
"Sir....i didn't expect this to happen..i really thought that he cared for my children..."
"Ma'am...what hapenned now?"
"Actually i just found out children were trying to aware me that....Sam is their bioogical father and.....they didn't love Sam because Sam...was planning to kill them....they tried to tell me but..everytimr they tried to tell me i didn't have time for them....i was so stupid of me...Sam was behind all this..he kidnapped that lady you are talking about i guess.....and he even.....tried to kill my children.......what is wrong with him?"
"Ma'am can i please know where your husband is now..because he was right here when i came..but now he is poof! where is he?" I was confused where should i say he went...where could he be?...yes in the park where i first gave him the news that i was pregnant..i guess..
"Well....sir actually as you can see in the breaking news section that a person named Sam Roberts sold all of his hard earned company and bunglow.....that's him..i mean he is my husband..."
"I already know ma'am what i am asking you is where the hell is your husband?"
"I think he must have known that i found out about he must have hidden somewhere.....he knew that i will locate him from his company's he sold the company itself.....he is really clever...we need to arrest him right now!!!" I screamed in the top of my lungs....
"Are you sure ma'am? you want your husband behind the bars?"
"What? can't he be behind the bars to kidnapp that lady?"
"Actually ma'am i was thinking that i can close this case with some....ummmm" He muttered the last words showing me his purse....
"How much?" I asked
"12 million dollars for you ma'am...." I got all crazy....why didn't i think of that before that bribing the New Yourk police is another way of solving this case..... but the amount he was asking me was a bit too much...but i will manage....
"Done...but i have one condition...."
"What is it ma'am?"
"Promise me that you will arrest my husband and those kids....promise me....."
"But ma'am...why do you need us to put your husband and kids behind bars?"
"Just do as i tell want those million dollars right? then follow my instructions..."
"As you say ma'am...." I was so glad..if only i thought of bribing them a day i would have been drinking the expensive tequila with Sam...but that is his problem not mine...i am gonna have that tequila somehow......and Sam's gonna beg for it..and those stupid children...i don't know perhaps i will sell them aand make money....after all i don't need them....

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Edited: 12.01.2021

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