Under the Rain

Chapter Seven

It's about maybe two...maybe three weeks since I've seen Damon and that's only because I have been avoiding him and Ruby and I talked everything out about my whole tantrum and we have decided to go to the beach today.

"I think this is exactly what I needed," I say as the ray of the sun hits my pale skin. "See I told you this was a great idea!" Ruby says putting on sunscreen. "Yup. Are you going into the water?" I asked putting on my sunglasses. "Um, yea you coming?" She asks me standing up. "Na I'm going to stay here and relax." I smile up at her. "K." She runs toward the water

I relax and close my eyes and I think nothing can ruin this right here........"Holy shit is that Bo? The girl who made out with a girl?" Oh, feathers please don't let it be who I think it's going to....."What the fuck it is Bo!" I hear another voice says.

"Bo! Bo! It's me Jordan and Ashton!" Jordan screams and I sit up and they look dead at me. "Oh hey, I didn't see you guys there." I smile up at them.

Fake! Jewel coughs and if I could see her I would give her a death glare.

"Yea what are you doing here?"Jordan says. Please don't sit down....please don't sit down. Oh and he sat down! Curses. "Um well my friend and I decided to have a relaxing day and we decided to come here, so why are you guys here?" I ask them.

"Oh well, Damon wanted to bring Bells because she has been bored and we decided to come with them and surf." He says and I grunt. "Really? Damon's here?" I sighed rolling my eyes.

"Oh, shit look who it is Bella it's shorty!" Oh man! Why on this day? I turn around to see Damon and Bella looking at me and they set up right next to me.

"Bo!" Bella runs and hugs me and I laugh. "Bella!" I say hugging her back and she laughs. "Why haven't I seen you in a long time?" She asks me. "Oh well, I've been busy with work and my friend." I smile at her and she nods.

"Hey how about go into the water guys!" Ashton says talking off his shirt and boy does he have a body but not like drooling nice. It was almost up there too bad his stupidness overpasses it. "Um, I'm going to stay here and relax." I smile lying down.

"So am I," Damon says and I hear that both Jordan and Ashton take Bella into the water. I relax and close my eyes and I enjoy the nice sunshine. Please let not get a sunburn that makes me look like a lobster, I just want to be tan that's it.

"So um Bo can we talk?" Damon clears his throat and I turn my head to the side to look at him. "What's there to talk about?" I ask him. "Bo you know there are tons of things we need to talk about." He sits up and can feel him starring at me.

"Like what? Give me an example." I sit up and push my sunglasses up. "Like why you have been avoiding me......." He says and my eyes grow wide. "Oh come on I have not been avoiding you." I snort.

"Oh really then why haven't you gone out somewhere and come visit Bella, she asks a lot about you and every time I knocked at your door you wouldn't answer." He says raising an eyebrow. "You know maybe because one I wasn't home and two I barely know her like that, and three I'm out aren't I and fourth of all not everything revolves around you so calm yourself." I look at him and thank god for my glasses because they make it easier to look at someone.

"Well, then how about we all go out on Friday?" He asks and I notice Friday is in two days. "I can't." I shake my head and he looks at me like if I'm lying. Well, of course, I'm lying because there is no way I am going out with this guy maybe Bella but not him.

"Why not?" He asks. Shoot, why not.........um why not? "Be.....because Ruby and I are going camping?" That sounded more like a question than an answer. "Why don't I believe you?" He chuckles. "Fine hold on.....Ruby! Ruby come here!" I scream at Ruby and she runs up to us and she smiles at Damon.

"Hey what's up?" She looks at me. "Huh, we are going camping on Friday?" I ask her and she gives me a confused look but then I wink at her and she smirks. "Yea! Of course, I have been begging this bitch to go camping and I finally got her to go!" Ruby smirks looking at me.

"Hey watch your language!" Bella screams up at Ruby and Ruby looks at her. "And who got you into this kid?" She asks rudely. "I did and you shouldn't use language like that, guys won't like you." Bella snaps at her.

"If you are wondering sweety I have a boyfriend and what about you huh have a boyfriend? I don't think so." She smirks and pokes Bella on the nose and Bella scrunches her nose, "I'm six."

"Whatever you say, kid, So you guys should come with us." Oh, fudge!. "Who told you to talk?" I ask her and she looks at me and gives me a wink. "You did and anyways we know nothing about camping and maybe you three boys can help us with it." She smiles.

"I don't like you!" Bella says. "Good because I don't fuck with little silly kids." Ruby snaps. "Your pretty......but you have an ugly mouth," Bella says and everyone laughs. "Yea but my mouth can do wonders, trust me," Ruby says smacking her lips. "What?" Bellas asks.


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