Untold Truth about Love

Is Love meant to die?

Love is an unending emotions and feelings. Lovers keep saying there was a time I knew we deeply love ourselves but what happened now. I can't really see that love again from him/her. Does it mean it was all infatuation. We were just carried away but I don't know if love dies.  I will love to come in here.

It's only God that posses that infinite and unending love. He passes it to his son to our parents to us. That's why they say whenever you see your parents you see God. Because that infinite love, unending love, supernatural love is inculcated in them.

A lover's love to a lover either in marriage, relationship or courtship at some point might can die entirely if not nurtured and watered efficiently. 

But you see God's love to his children. A mother's love to her children. A father's love to his children they are referred to as Infinite Love.

Who says a spouse love can't be Infinite. Don't you want  to grow old and in love with your spouse. 

Who says the love in your relationship can't be Infinite. You need to know about the untold truth about love. Love can't be all rosy it can't be all bitter too. What ever that has demerit also comes with merit. What should be your concern is that the happy times should be more than sorrow times.

Those people that tell you we don't quarrel, we are always at peace. Yen yen yen... they are all lies from pit of hell.

Catch me up in chapter 2.....

Amanda miles

Edited: 24.12.2020

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