Unwanted Affections

Chapter 3 Drunk

Jason's POV

Merely thinking about her was making me drool, I wonder why.

Suddenly, the door opened, it was Davina and Kevin ,she was dressed in a mesmirizing pink dress, it was a dress that reached her thighs and she let her purple hair down and her lips were with red delicious lipstick.

"Hey Jason what are you thinking about" Davina interupted my thoughts 

"Nothing" I said then scratched the back of my head

"Really ya sure its nothing" she said sarcastically

"Seriously"I said in a serious tone 

"No need to be all serious and stuff" she murmured

"Why did you come" I asked

" Well she invited me and I hate being home alone and I'm a good girl so I listen" she grinned

" You look so cute" I complimented her

"Thanks" she smiled we both went to the bar 

"Give me two shots"I told the bar man 

"Do you want some"I asked Davina 

" No " she replied

"Come on" I pleaded 

"No, thank you" she replied 

"Pls" he begged 

"Fine, give me one shot" she faced the bar man then we both drank it, she kept asking for more and more , she took 10shots of tequila and she was drunk then she started dancing, she was a wonderful dancer, Mandy was looking jealous then they started a dance off and Davina was killing it , I told  Mandy it was to make the party more interesting , she believed me as always, Davina came to me still drunk then dragged me into a room.

"Vina what's the problem"I asked

"Kiss me" she poodled eyes me 

"What Vina you don't know what you're saying" I shyly said

"I know, just kiss me , please Jason, please" she begged

"If I kiss you I won't be able to control myself" I warned her 

"Jason then do it, pls for Davina" she begged then walked towards me and kissed me ,she opened her mouth a little giving me more access to her mouth , I didn't want to explore but it was to tempting , I explored every corner of her sweet mouth, then a soft moan escaped her mouth and I would have loved to continue ,but I was already hard, so I stopped.

"Jason why'd you stop" she asked sadly 

"Am so sorry" I apologized

I took her back to her brother who was looking for her 

"Did you touch my sister"Kevin snapped

"What no" I replied

"Good" he said 

I carried his sister to his car and and they went home,then I also went home.



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