Chapter 2

Authors POV


She was now about to exit the bathroom but was forced to stop by a slouching figure.

She tripped her towel more stuff and started saying"pls dad ,Dad pls."

"No worries daughter when I'm finished with you,you will become that sweet little 11 year old I have (but still)you will remember why you started to listen to me when you were 11 because you don't like your 10 year old punishment.Now let me see if my head can fit my little Ange..."Before he could finish she dashed to the door.,but he grabbed her hair and pulled her back causing her to hit her back hard to the wall.

"Oh my little angel this time it won't be my finger you will see a different head."he said.

She gulped and shut her eyes closed.

He cupped her breast and was about to bite where nipples when he felt a strong sting to his neck,and called to his death.


Kesha POV


Opening my eyes I saw him on the ground.I rushed out ,dressed and when I was finished I saw he was still on the ground.

When I realized he was not getting up I called the police.When they arrived they say he died because of blood loss.


What happened?


How did he loss blood?


Like guys u will know

Beauty Angel

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Story about: kesha also known as kesh

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