What Went Missing!!!

Twenty Two

The next morning when Nicole woke up by Mike's side, she found that he was already awake staring at her.

She smiled to him and said "What are you doing?" With the charming smile of his, he replied "At first I wanted to make sure that this is real after that I was trying to freeze the moment" He sighed then continued "so this is how happiness looks?"

"Why? You weren't happy before?"

"No I was, but not like that, I've always felt there was something missing, but when I look at your eyes, everything is perfect and makes sense" He said in sweet romantic voice.

"Wow" She said so happily"

He got of the bed and said "Anyway I'm going to make us breakfast" he kissed her.

"Oh, so my boyfriend is gonna make me breakfast?" She loved saying the word boyfriend about him and he loved hearing it so much especially he thought she looked cute while saying it.

"Yes I will" He said "Well though staying in bed all day now is so tempting but I'll go and back with the breakfast as fast as I can" He said with excitement then kissed her again.

"Okay" She said with a smile.

It has been weeks up till then and Nicole's father hadn't come back yet, James and Courtney had left town, So the next few days were so great for them , they spent it trying to compensate for all the time they lost away from each other, and this time it was like a typical romantic movie to them when love find its way to fix everything and make it better.

Unfortunately we know that this is not what happened, so what happened? I'll tell you everything in time don't rush it.

Anyway things were becoming better for both of them, Nicole started working more on this photographing thing and Mike was even thinking of going to a nearby medical school to be close to her after finishing his college, they were like sort of planning for the future.

"Hey what are you doing?" Mike asked Nicole who was doing something on his laptop.

"I was just looking for something"

"What?" He asked.

She got little shy and said "Forget it, it's probably stupid"

"Come on tell me" He said while making his irresistible puppy face which made her smile and then said "Well…fine, there's some photographing courses that I was thinking of applying to" Nicole said with hesitation.

"That's great" Mike said with excitement.

"Yeah?" She said with doubt.

"Yes babe of course, what's holding you back?"

"I don't know if I'm up to it, it's a great course that professionals used to take, and I have to send some photos that I took first to apply"


She looked down with worry, he held her hands "Look at me you're so talented , and I'm sure you can do it"

"You think?"

"Totally I'm sure...tell you what, you can practice on me"

He took the new camera and took her outside in the garden and she started taking photos

Mike was making many funny poses which made her laugh a lot spontaneously and without feeling it she said "Wow...I love you" He stopped the posing after hearing it, he felt so happy, over the moon wasn't enough to describe how happy she was, he came close to her and he kissed her "I love you too" he smiled. Though she felt she wanted to take it back at first after saying not because she didn't mean it, she meant it a lot, just being spontaneous like that wasn't her thing, but with Mike everything was different, she really felt safe with him, she could do or say anything without worrying that he might judge her or use it against her, she knew that she could trust him with her life and that he would never let her down.

So they both stayed close putting their foreheads against each other for a while.

"Okay, you can't quite practicing now" Mike said "Okay, let's continue our photo session" Nicole said while smiling.

"You know also what's been good lately?"Nicole said.


"It's been few weeks now and I haven't had that headache again"

"That's great... so you're saying that since we started dating, the headache was gone?"

"Yeah almost"

"Seems like I had the cure" Nicole laughed and said "yeah keep bragging about it"

She then started taking photos for other things and emailed them, lucky her, she was accepted.

On her first day she went to take the first step of what could be her future career. It was really great she felt so psyched about it.

One day there she was learning how take photos in a specific way but this time it was different, by every photo she took , she remembered something from her past and after few photos, Nicole had remembered many of the events that happened when she was gone but it was too much for her that she couldn't handle and she blacked out again.

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