What Went Missing!!!

Twenty Eight

Nicole went out in the morning to receive her father after he finally came back, and he sent her a text to meet him but he wasn't gonna come to the house, he was staying at some motel near the airport because he just wanted to check on his daughter then leave the country for some medical conference, which left Mike spending the morning alone in his house, his parents had left too to celebrate their anniversary or something Mike didn't get, the point is that they wanted to have some vacation out of the town for a while, Mike was sitting on his laptop trying to get any information about Bonnie but without a last name or address or even picture, he couldn't really get anything, he tried to search for unresolved crimes in his town or any nearby towns, he didn't really find crimes just few stupid things like exceeding speed limit or stealing small things from shops but camera was never able to have a clear picture of her face so it could be Bonnie and it could be some other girl, he felt he was reaching a dead end then his phone peebed. It was Nicole texting him telling him that she might spend the whole day with her father before his plane take off at night. He got back to his laptop trying to find any way out till he heard the door knock, he felt strange at first who could be visiting them?

So he went to open the door to the find the last person he could expect

"Courtney?" He said surprisingly. "Hey Mike" Mike got frozen for a while because of the surprise after what we can call one of the top ten worst breakups but what he didn't know was that after her meeting with James, she decided to take the first flight possible to come.

"May I ask what exactly you're doing here?" Mike said.

"I need to talk to Nicole, I went to her house, but she wasn't there" Courtney was talking quickly like she could be out of time, she seemed so serious. "If you came to apologize, you have to wait for a while" He said quietly.

"Apologize?" Courtney scoffed out of the irony "No, no I'm not here to apologize at all...I need some explanations"

"I can't believe you" Mike was denying her actions.

"You don't get it Mike, Blair was being watched and was getting threatening letters about Nicole before she was killed"

Mike wanted to tell her that she was ahead of the news but he only said" yeah I know"

"You know?" She was shocked by his response.

"Yeah Nicole told me everything" then he told her everything he knew about Blair and Nicole and Bonnie's involvement. "And do you still think Nicole is innocent?"

"Whoa whoa what could else be?"

"Mike why can't you open your mind to the little tiny possibility that she's lying"

Mike didn't like Courtney pointing fingers like that at Nicole.

"Well the one person who can explain to you everything isn't here right now" He said coldly.

Courtney raised her eyebrows and said "Even better" Mike looked at her getting what she meant.

"You can't be serious" he said.

"Look at me Mike I'm not leaving without getting the answers I want" then she continued stressing on the words "whether you're with me or not" Mike looked at her knowing how much she was determined to do what she wanted.

"Fine let me change first and I'll come with you" He said.

"Well don't take long" she said.

He quickly changed and they both went to Nicole's house.

"Okay I'll get through that window and open to you the door"Courtney said pointing at the window that they used to find open probably the one that Bonnie used to sneak in and out.

He waved with his hands "Easy Nancy Drew, what all that for?...I have the keys"

"Of course you do" Courtney said sarcastically

As they entered "Okay now we entered, can you tell me what are we supposed to be looking for?" He said mocking her.

"Anything, I don't know" Then Courtney remembered something, she remembered that day when she was looking for something and found two drawers in Nicole's bedroom were locked.

"But we'll start with her room" Courtney said.

  1. ran upstairs and Mike followed her.

Mike watched Courtney entering Nicole's room and heading to the drawer as if she knew exactly what she was doing.

"How we're going to open this?" Courtney wondered.

"You don't know that?" Mike mocked her again since she looked like she knew everything.

"Let's search for the key" he said. But she didn't wait for a silly thing like that she kept trying to open it till she broke one of them, He looked at her strangely while breaking the drawer so she said "I'm fine, I don't need the key"

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