When Love Dies

Chapter 39

The days crawled slowly and I waited eagerly for the day of my surgery which was less than a week away. My family and friends were all supportive. The relationship between Jason and I grew stronger and I could rely on him to be with me.

I especially loved the quiet times when he was in my room giving me some advice on life. He helped prepare me for the world I was about to literally see. I also loved the brief but refreshing moments when he read passages from the Bible to assure me I wasn't alone.

Having a boyfriend who not only loves and appreciates you but knows God and gives you more insights on the aestheticism of God is absolutely one of the best combinations in the life of every girl.

I assure you!

My faith developed greatly and I enjoyed quoting scriptures. Psalms ninety one was still my favorite scripture and I dwelled day and night on it.

I always felt at peace each time I read it.

Currently, I was munching my third apple while Ana and Tess — who had been living with us for a week now— made Casseroles, lasagna and some other special dishes in the kitchen which we would all eat for dinner. Jason was also present and we all chattered noisily in the kitchen. Each one of us shared jokes about our experiences at school. I still faintly remembered and that Jason had graduated and might get a job away from me. He had started getting job requests from grand companies in New York City but he hadn't accepted any yet. The thought still scared me that I might lose him.

However, I remembered we had come a long way and insanely loved each other. I believed he was attached to me just as I was to him. I knew he wouldn't let go but that didn't mean I'd stop him from achieving his dream. If he got a job outside the state, country or continent, I'd still give my all into the relationship. I could handle a long distant relationship if it meant being with him forever. I just couldn't trade him for anything.

That consoled me.

"Jason set the table while Tess and I would bring the food. Cassie go call Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Matt." Ana ordered and we left what we were doing to attend to her.

Mine wasn't a hard task. All I had to do was walk up to the living room, close to the stairs and yell for my parents to come downstairs for dinner. Easy peasy!

"Mum, dad, Dinner's ready!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and hoped they heard.

"We're coming right up." Dad screamed back in reply.

I felt my way back to the kitchen but halted when my body felt weak. I suddenly began to droop and lost my usual bubbly and enthusiastic strides. I felt a nagging headache just like the usual extremely painful ones I've had. It crept into my entire being and I staggered.

"Cassie are you alright?" One the girls asked me the famous question I was already accustomed to hearing. Her voice sounded afar off and I couldn't tell if it was Ana or Tess.

I couldn't remember falling but I could feel my head as well as my entire body hit the cold tiled floor. Mum whom I perceived was downstairs and in the kitchen, screamed and it was all too familiar. Where have I heard her scream like that before?

"Cassie, it's all right. I've got you and I love you. Please don't let go. Don't leave me." Jason said, he sounded so scared and I wanted to tell him, even if it came out muffled or in a whisper that I was not ready to die. That I loved him too. But I was just too weak and fragile to say so.

"Someone call 911!" Dad commanded.

The last thing I remembered was being lifted and carried in strong, powerful and capable arms. I knew whose arms they belonged to.

I smiled weakly before easing into unconsciousness.


"Where am I?"




I was perplexed about where I was. As far as I knew, I was laid on a bed and I felt woozy.

"Relax Cassiopeia, you're safe." Jason breathed into my ears and I instantly felt relieved.

I thought I was dead.

"What happened?" I asked after I got myself back. Suddenly, I heard the door fly open and footsteps approaching us.

"Oh Cassieopia, thank God you're awake." Mum said as she hugged me.

"What happened? Am I all right? I asked petrified. I knew they were hiding something from me.

"How much can you remember?" Dad asked. He held onto my left hand, grazing my knuckles. It helped calm my nerves and I tried to remember.

I told them all I could remember; calling my parents for dinner, getting weak and dizzy while entering the kitchen and fainting not quite long after.

"You remembered, great! Doctor O'Brien will be here soon." Mum barely whispered while slowly patting my hair, offering her support to me.

"Is she awake?"

Speak of the devil! The doctor arrived and mum explained to him that I could remember everything. He seemed relieved but I could still feel an underlying fear.

"What's wrong doc? Am I all right?" I asked.

"I believe so. It's just that we carried out another test and we think you have to get operated as soon as possible. The scan shows that the constant headaches could lead to more complications." He explained.

Oh dear! Was this the end of my life?

"How soon are you talking about doctor?" Asked Ana who was also in the room.

"Yes doctor, we need to know." Tess added. Her accent was just so amazing, I wished I could learn it if had the chance.

"In the next two days. I've contacted some specialised surgeons from Germany who will be here tomorrow." The doctor answered

"Okay doctor. I believe it will be well." Dad said.

"Is there anything you aren't telling us doctor? You look shaken." Jason asked. I had come to understand that Jason was an uber observant person. Most times he could tell the exact emotions running through me. Without a doubt I knew he was right about the doctor.

That got me petrified!

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