When Love Dies

Chapter 47

My body shook ferociously as I tried to remember what just happened. A part of me felt it was only a fragment of my imagination but a very loud voice which exerted a guiding influence, felt it was real.

I had met and spoken with my dead Aunt!

This was overwhelming!

The voices of the doctors and nurses seemed distant and faint and I hardly pinpointed their conversation but was glad to be alive.

By the way, what did she mean by "A Test"? I pondered. What was supposed to happen that would require my forgiveness?

All these seemed utterly strange but I had an infallible feeling that she gave me a glimpse of my future. I shuddered slightly at the thought that something bad was gonna happen but took courage in the fact that she also said I would see again.

"Doctor, when will she be well enough to see?" A voice asked, it was Dad's. I smiled as I remembered that no matter what happens, I will always have God and my family to back me up.

"She is still in a comatose right now but would certainly be awake this evening. For now, we have to make sure she gets enough rest in order for her body to recuperate." Doctor O'Brien seemed to be in a cherry mood as his voice had a hint of perkiness.

"But are you sure she'll see again? Was the operation successful?" Two blatant emotions radiated from mum as she asked. They were Hope and Disappointment. She hoped I would see and she had disappointment laced with it just in case the doctor's reports contradicted with her hopeful thoughts.

"I believe the surgery was a success. It was one of the toughest surgeries I've had the opportunity to perform since my thirty-eight years of service in this hospital. It was very critical and I believe at a point, she died in the process." His explanation earned a gasp as everyone was quite shocked. He only sighed and continued,

"We almost lost her and I was starting to feel concerned because like I expounded, she had a thirty percent life guarantee and I was scared it began to falter. But by some divine intervention, her heart began to beat and circulate blood and from the series of tests carried out, we hope to have good news when she awakes." He ended and everyone relaxed.

I was the most ecstatic of them all but I couldn't show my happiness because I still felt tired, frail and sleepy.

I dozed off!

Well, not before thinking about the possibility that I would finally get to see the love of my life.


Oh thank you so much Lord for this!


"Wake up Cassie!"

I jolted awake by a voice I suspected belonged to a nurse. She helped place me in a sitting position and for that moment, I felt woozy and had the urge to upchuck but she rubbed my back and told me to take deep breaths with my mouth agog. I did as I was instructed and began to get myself back. She asked me a few questions as regards to my health and I replied in the affirmative. She left soon after and two minutes later, the door swung open.

"Holy Shit! She's awake." Ana squealed and rushed forward to grab me. Fortunately, I had just the right amount of strength to hug her in return.

"Language Ana!" Mum cut in and dad chuckled. They both stepped in to give me hugs that I appreciated.

"I love you all so much." I remarked and they screamed ‘I love you’ in unison, squeezing me till I couldn't breathe.

"I need air, I can't breathe." I barely whispered and they scurried off me like I was some sort of glass that could break at anytime. All I wanted was for them to loosen their hold on me, not back off like I had the flu.

"But if Jason had his tongue deep down your throat and you couldn't breathe, you'd still enjoy it and not complain." Ana whined and I almost gagged as I replayed what she said.

"Oh shut it, will you? This isn't what I want you girls discussing, especially in my presence." Dad ordered, although I could feel him smirk. That made me grin.

And blush.

I certainly had the weirdest family ever. But I loved them anyway.

"Where's Tess?" I asked when I hadn't heard the sound of her voice the whole while. I perceived she wasn't in the room with us.

"She went to make a call at the lobby. She's been trying to get a hold of Jason all day but hasn't heard from him." Mum explained which caught me by surprise. She always seemed nonchalant when it concerned Jason and Tess. But I hoped she had come to terms with them and accepted them as a part of my life which I hoped to remain permanent.

"Jason isn't back yet?"I asked again of which Ana replied negative. I wondered why the company seemed to delay him. Didn't they know he had a girlfriend to be with right now? I internally groaned. I missed him already.

"Don't worry dear, He would be here soon. Right now, I believe the most important thing is getting these damn bandages off your eyes. They make you look hideous." Dad chortled as he spoke.

"Language Matthew!" Mum huffed like she just suddenly realized she had a deranged family. Her expression earned a chortle from Dad, Ana and I.

I agreed that it was time to call the doctor and dad walked over to the intercom to seek the presence of the doctors.

They hurried in a few minutes later and my heart pounded as I began to feel frightened and jittery, that I would still be blind after everything. My skin perspired and goosebumps spread around my entire arms. I shut my eyes tight, hoping for the best.

"It's alright dear. You're safe." one of the doctors whose name, I still couldn't remember, patted my back just as the bandages were cut off with a pair of scissors and rolled out of my face.

I felt my heart beat aloud and it amazed me how none of them could hear it.

"Open your eyes Cassie." One of them instructed and I obeyed.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. I was immediately affected by the intense dazzle, everything seemed too bright. A wave of nausea surged through me and I flinched. After I regained myself, I looked around and saw unfamiliar figures all still and watching me with an eagerness I couldn't decipher.

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