When Love Dies

The story continues...

Hello people, it's been a while! Had to take a break but the good news is; I'm back!

And the even better news is after the long wait and anticipation, I just started writing a new story. The title of the story is

*Drum rolls*

"When Love Returns"

WLR is the continuation (Part 2) of “When Love Dies” I want you all to go check it out. Here is a synopsis of the story.


Sight = Check 
Dreams = Check
Family and friends = Double check

Cassiopeia finally has her sight, dreams, family and friends. Possibly all she wants out of life! But the painful realization of Jason's demise still hovers around her.

In the quest of self-establishment, She encounters a fresh rush of joy, creativity and happiness.

However, there's a huge chasm between what she gets and what she wants which exposes her to new revelations, exposure of secrets and betrayal that places her on a spiral of confusion and utter shock.

But what happens when an unexpected but familiar person returns and all of the feelings she has tried to bury find their way to the surface?

Will she be able to cope with the whirlwinds of life in order to actually find herself?


This is the #2 Book of the "When" Series

I guarantee this story will contain all you've ever dreamed of in a book, all in one package.

Love, Tragedy, Pain and Happiness are all a finger tip away!

I believe it's what everyone who has the dire need of reading an interesting and wonderful book needs.

Click  "Read" to enjoy the best story you could ever request for!

*When Love Returns*

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I love you all, 

Osaro Oghadeva

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Edited: 21.04.2019

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