While Holding the Pain


Ruhaan's P.O.V.


All of them gathered around the table and aunty called me, "Ruhaan, what are you doing there? Come here, son."

Tithy then looked at me and smiled. I looked around but found no male member there. I went towards them while thinking, "Where is Tithy's father?"

Tithy cut the cake and offered Roshni first. Roshni took a little bite and made Tithy take the left and Tithy uttered being annoyed, "Api!" Roshni smiled at Tithy and made her sit on a chair and said, "You sit, sweetie. I will serve the cake"

They all got near Tithy and started to feed her cake and gave her gifts. They all were looking so happy and the moments made me nostalgic. While serving the cake, Roshni got near me. She was happily serving the cake to others but when she came to me, the look on her face turned to cold.

Finding nothing else to say, I apologized again.

Taking the cake, I got near Tithy and wished her and said, "Sorry. I didn't get any gift for you."

She replied with a warm smile, "It's okay, Sir. Thank you for joining us and this much is enough for me."

I smiled a little and said, "I am sorry. I hurt you even on your birthday."

She replied to me smilingly while shaking her head, "It's okay sir. I am alright"

"Yeah, I can see for myself." Hearing me, she pouted.

Then I again said, "Take two days off and rest." 

"But" She tried say something but I cut her off and said, "No but"

She smiled at me and said, "Okay sir. Thank you." 

Then she turned to Roshni and called her, "Apiii.."

I also turned to her and found her glaring at both of us. She got near Tithy and asked, "Yes, sweetie. What happened?"

She brought her hand out and said innocently with a pout, "My gift? Give me. It's my birthday."

While making a sad face, she said "Sorry sweetie, I forgot."

Tithy pouted but immediately a smile crept on her lips. "Its okay, Api. You have already done more than enough. Thank you." Tithy replied smilingly pointing at the decoration.

Roshni put her hand lovingly on Tithy's head and said, " You like seriously think that I will forget to get a gift for my little sis? Wait a moment. I am coming back."

Saying this, Roshni left the garden and went towards their house and after a few minutes she got back and put a wrapped packet in Tithy's hand and said, "Here you go. Take a look and tell me how's it."

Tithy took the gift happily like a kid and unwrapped the packet instantly. She hugged Roshni happily while shouting, "The watch is beautiful Api. I just loved it."

Roshni hugged her back and said, "I am glad to know that you like it."

Tithy left her and said, "Of course. After all you have chosen it for me. But Api, didn't you by any chance get confused while buying it?"

Roshni confusingly looked at her and Tithy continued, "Then I would have gotten two watches. As you know I just love watches."

Roshni slightly hit her head and said, "You will never grow up."

Tithy pouted innocently and others let out a laugh. I was silently watching the cute moments of sisters more like enjoying it but I didn't imagine the gift would be a watch and the word of Tithy made me go dumbstruck.

I couldn't handle that much as Titly's word was continuously playing in my mind, "I just love watches, vai."

I bid them and got away from there instantly with watery eyes. Though Aunty and Tithy requested me to stay for some time more and have dinner but I refused them politely.

I hopped in my car and went towards Allah knows where.


Third Person's P.O.V.


I was about to enter the garden but got paused seeing someone. I was shocked more like scared. All of them were enjoying the party and no one noticed that. Getting hold of myself, I quietly left the place instantly without letting them know about the presence of mine. 

Otherwise Allah knows what would have happened!

But how come this happened! Where did I miss something? Now what will I do? Just what!

If he gets to know this, I am gone for sure. I need to think of a way before telling him. But what!



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