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Chapter 3

“I am fat.” Nina said looking at herself in the mirror.

Though Nina was not fat, she always felt that way. Not only Nina, Kathleen too. Girls! 

Ignoring her, Kathleen kept using her cell phone. 

“Look at me. I’ve gained my weight these days.” 

“Come on Nina! Are you trying for zero size or what?” 

“Ok. Leave it. What are you wearing?” She asked with confused face. 

Kathleen looked at her dress and said “A crop top and a Jeans. Why? Isn’t it nice?” 

“Are you gonna meet Michael in this dress?”  

“Then? Should I wear a Halloween costume?” 

“You are going to an expensive restaurant along with a rich guy. You can’t go like this.” She opened the closet and looked for dresses. She took out a black coloured maxi and threw at Kathleen’s face. 

“What the!” 

“Wear it.” Nina said. More like, she ordered. 

Kathleen crossed her arms and said “Nina! Don’t act like my mom.” 

“And you! Don’t behave like a kid.” She raised her eyebrow. 

Kathleen sighed and changed her dress. Nina started doing makeup to Kathleen. 

“I beg you to not make me look like clown.” Kathleen said while Nina was applying the eyeliner. 

“Shut up.” 

After finishing the makeup, they both strolled out and stood at the entrance waiting for Michael. Soon Michael arrived and got out of his car. Michael was in his expensive black suit. His attractive grey eyes sparkled looking at Kathleen. His thick brown hair and perfect jaw line can make any girl draw towards him. Michael greeted looking at them both.

“He is so polite and look so handsome. You can accept him.” Nina whispered into Kat's ear. 

“If you wish, you can go on a date with him. I will never mind.” Kat said in a low voice. 

“Your mom will literally kill me.” 

“What are you both talking? I couldn’t hear.” Michael interrupted them. 

“Nothing. Kat was saying that you look so handsome.” Nina said. 

Kathleen’s mouth dropped wide open listening to Nina. He smiled listening to her. He looked at Kathleen and said

“Let’s go.” 

“I’m going to kill you tonight. Remember it.” Kathleen told Nina and got in the car. 

Nina waved her hand shouting “Bye.” 

While they were in the car, Michael kept talking a lot of things but Kathleen remained silent. 

“Kathleen! Won’t you talk to me?” Michael asked focusing on the road. 

“I didn’t say you are handsome. Nina lied.” 

“Oh! Nina seems so friendly.” 

“Yes she is.” 

Then they both kept silent. Soon they reached the restaurant. The restaurant looked ecstatic with it’s night lights. They sat on the chairs and ordered food. 

“You look gorgeous Kathleen.” Michael said.

She smiled looking at him and again she kept busy with her cell phone. Soon their orders arrived and they kept eating. 

“I came to see you Kathleen. Business work is a secondary thing.” 

She stopped using her cell phone and looked at him. 

“Michael! Why do you do these things? Why do you always try to impress me?” Kathleen asked with an irritated tone. 

“Why? Because we are going to marry soon. It’s the least thing I could do for you.” He said smiling. 

“I told you many times. You helped my family when we were in debts and we all are so thankful to you. But marrying you because of that is not a correct thing. I don’t want to marry you.” She said bluntly. 

“Do you love someone?” Michael asked. 

“What! No.” 

“Then what’s the problem?” 

She kept quiet understanding that it’s a waste of time arguing with him. 

“I see no problem anywhere. Everyone in your family loves me. Sooner or later you will marry someone definitely. As you are not in love with anyone, you will be wedded to me.” 

She sighed listening to him and said “Maybe I’ll love someone later.” 

With that sentence he became quiet. He got a call and he began talking to someone on phone. Kathleen looked around and she became frozen when she saw Jack entered the restaurant along with his friend. She felt scared thinking he would come to her and talk. She attempted to hide her face with her palm but Jack saw her. 

Jack looked at Michael with a question mark face. He told his friend that he would be back in a minute and strolled to Kathleen. With each step he took forward, Kathleen’s heart paced fast. Jack strolled to them and greeted Kathleen. 

“Hi Kathleen!” She put her palm on her forehead. 

Michael cut the call and asked looking at Jack. “Who are you?” 

“He is my classmate. Jack.” Kathleen said before Jack opened his mouth to answer. 

“Oh! Hey! Come on. Sit down.” Michael said pointing the chair. Jack sat along with them. 

“And who are you?” Jack asked looking at Michael. 

“He is my family friend.” Kathleen said. 

“Friend and there are chances to become her husband.” Michael said. 

Kathleen looked at him angrily with her enlarged eyes. Jack narrowed his eyebrows listening to him. 

“Husband?” he muttered and looked at them with shocked face. 

Michael smiled looking at him. 

“Congratulations.” Jack said taking a gander at Kathleen. Looking at his reaction, she got confused. 

Jack stood from there and strolled away. After Jack left, Kathleen shouted at Michael for telling about their marriage. Soon they left the restaurant and she reached her house.

“Nina! Nina!” Kathleen kept shouting Nina's name but she didn’t get any response. 

“Nina! Where are you?” She strolled to the bedroom and pushed the door but it was locked from inside. 

“Open the door.” 

“You said you’ll kill me. I won’t open.” Nina shouted.

“I’m not a killer or a person who involved in any kind of Mafia. Open the door. I’m already irritated.” 

Nina opened the bedroom door and Kathleen stepped in. 
Cursing Michael, Kathleen started taking off her ear rings and other jewellery. 


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