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Chapter 12

Kathleen and Nina went to their hometown the next day. Nina's house was located on the next street and both Nina and Kathleen’s parents too had a good relationship with eachother. Kathleen entered in her house calling her mom 

“Mom! Mom!” 

She entered in the living room and as soon as she saw the tall, irritating Michael sat there, her enthusiastic voice became apathetic. With her furrowed brow she kept looking at him. 

“Hello Kathleen!” He smirked. 

Looking at his smirk, a flash of anger appeared on her face. 

“Kat! You are here.” Her mom from the other room came shouting. She hugged her and kissed her forehead. She then asked cupping her face “How are you? We have been waiting for you since morning.” 

“I’m good mom. What is he doing here?” She asked bluntly. 

“I came to see you, Kathleen.” He said stepping forward. 

She faked a smile listening to him. His presence was making her irritated. It’s really a kind of pain which cannot be explained when someone kept irritating on the matter when you don’t even like to hear. 

“You saw me. Will you leave now?” She posed a rude question tilting her head a bit sideways. 

Her words roused the anger of her mother. She gritted her teeth hearing her daughter. 

“Behave.” Her mom whispered angrily into Kathleen’s ear. 

Michael who was standing there didn’t even care what Kathleen asked as he was too busy glancing at her beautiful face. 

Kathleen let out a frustrated sigh and walked away from there. She lay on her bed shutting her bedroom door. She kept cursing him under her breath.

After few minutes, she went to the bathroom. She kept relaxing her body with the hot water bath as she became so tired of the journey. Following couple of minutes, she came out and wrapped herself in a fluffy towel. While she was looking at her dresses pondering what to wear, her cell phone rang. It was from Nina. 

“Miss me already?” Kathleen asked smiling. 

“Not me. My mom. She is inviting you for dinner.” 

“Yeah! Sure.” She said and cut the call. 

She heard knock on the door while she was looking at her dresses. 

“Kat! Come out.” Her mom shouted. 

"Not until Michael is here.” Kathleen shouted back. 

“He left already. Kat! Your dad is here. Come out.” Her mom shouted. 

Listening to her, Kathleen’s lips curved up with a smile. 

“Dad! Coming mom.” She shouted and wore her pj’s. 

Kathleen has a great relationship with her dad. Her dad had always been a good friend who supported her every time regardless of whatever she did. She loves her dad so much. He won’t reject what Kathleen asks or says. But the only thing he forces her is about her marriage with Michael as he had a great impression on him. Michael is handsome, well settled guy and helped her father in his difficult times. Which father rejects or won’t feel happy if a guy like Michael becomes his son-in-law?

Kathleen ran to the living room and hugged her dad. Her dad laughed with happiness looking at his daughter after many days. 

“Kat! How are you?” 

“I’m great. What about you?” She asked kissing his cheek.

“About me? Daily drama with your mom.” He rolled his eyes. 

“Dad! I know a lot of women. If you agree, we’ll change the mom.” She winked. 

“I’m right here.” A sudden voice of Kathleen mom’s made them gulp. 

Her mom crossed her arms and was gazing at her daughter and husband with her raised eyebrow. 

“Mom! We are talking about you. Dad was saying that you are adorable and he was...” 

“Trying to change the woman in his life?” Her mom shouted. 

“Oh! I don’t have that luck.” He mumbled making both father and daughter laugh out loud. 

“What?” Her mom shouted. 

“I'm telling that I love you baby.” Her father said looking at her mother. 

Her cheeks turned red and tried so hard to not blush listening to her husband’s words. 

“Mom! Dad! You have a twenty three year old daughter in front of you yet behaving like a newly wedded couple.” 

Listening to Kathleen, they both laughed. Then her father went to his room to freshen up whilst her mother went to kitchen to do the chores. Kathleen strolled to terrace with a book in her hand. She then involved herself in reading a story. After an hour, she went to her room to get ready to go to Nina's house. She informed her mom that she was going there and strolled out. 

She reached Nina’s house and greeted her parents. They spent time talking to one another. Then Nina and Kathleen went to balcony leaving Nina’s parents. 

“Doesn’t he have any works?” Kathleen asked while sipping the juice glass. 

“Who?” Nina asked not understanding what Kathleen was asking. 

“Michael. Before I arrived home, he was already there.” 

“Oh no!” Nina said while sipping her drink. 

“The way he looks at me... And his smirk... it irritates me as hell.” 

“You are more frustrated today.” Nina said looking at Kathleen. 

“Happily I went in the house to talk to my mom but I didn’t. My excitement faded when I saw him. I was frustrated.” 

“Leave it, Kat.”

Kathleen became silent for a moment. She felt she was making a scene.

“Maybe I’m overreacting.” Kathleen said and bent her head down. 

“Oh yeah! I’m about to say that.” 

“Huh!” Kathleen scoffed and hit Nina’s arm. They both started laughing. Then they both spent their time talking, laughing, dancing and enjoying. At some time in the night, Kathleen reached her house and nodded off. 

They both started spending their time at their houses without any tensions or works. The morning they roam all over the place, gardening, then lunch then again enjoyment and at night stupid talks. Sometimes Michael drama. 

On the other hand, Ryan was waiting for her. To see her. To touch and feel her if he gets the chance. He always kept visiting her house hoping they arrived but in the end he left the place with frustrated face. 

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