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My Mafia Prinsess

Tatum Whispers

Christian Caine, heir to the Caine Crime Family, has been designed to drive any woman beyond seven sensations of pleasure. His body is carved to perfection. His biceps clench and flex, and his abs tighten with his every movement. He is powerful and elegant. Drawn to danger and a determination to con... more info

Story about: romance, forbidden love, mafia

Ongoing: 29 Jul 250 pages
5153 277

Rating: 25

#141 in Romance
#25 in Romantic suspense


Karate rivals = karate lovers


Joey and Johnny where in the same karate classes but that didn't make them friends but not quite killer enemies as after a scuffle in an alley they ended up caressing eachother and kissing. The two tough guys start to experiment with their sexuality and fall in love..... but do they have to keep up... more info

Story about: martial arts, gay romance, mental health

Ongoing: 29 Jul 3 pages
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Rating: 0

#1283 in Romance
#43 in LGBT
#106 in New Adult & College


His Little Wife


Unwanted wedding, that's how their love story started. About two people who both don't like each other at first but eventually they will also love each other. But where they are happy together, there will come an unexpected problem that will separate the two of them. After many years,... more info

Story about: love and pain, choices, student and professor

Ongoing: 29 Jul 112 pages
20527 480

Rating: 93

#11 in Contemporary fiction
#148 in Romance




The face of leather is skin. Stray knives leave stitches and pins. And as long as the memory silk remains, chainmail of influence stabs deeper into the children. This story is about the momentary life of a transfer student, Ayilla Mglaire, who wanted to graduate in the field of architecture at ... more info

Story about: horror, mystery, doll

Ongoing: 29 Jul 26 pages
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Rating: 1

#10 in Horror
#5 in Action & Adventures


His Blind Senorita


Ava Maxwell, a sightless, beautiful and innocent soul, and an amazing pianist with darkness as her second skin. "Darkness", that's the only word for her irrespective of any colour or sight. Her world revolves around the piano, the door to her mother's embrace, and she aspires to illuminate her dead ... more info

Story about: inspirational romance, pianist, bestfriend

Ongoing: 29 Jul 51 pages
192 19

Rating: 2

#452 in Romance
#20 in Inspiration romance


My Innocent Amore

Tryaksha Santiago

This is a story of a girl who's name is Luna Johnson. She is in college and is 19years old. She is sweet; loving; a little short tempered; extrovert and mummy's, daddy's, sister's darling. She has her goal set to be an article writer. Mostly for fashion magazine. But what happens when a guy like Ma... more info

Story about: arranged, arraged marraige, romance

Ongoing: 29 Jul 22 pages
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Rating: 5

#323 in Romance
#62 in Romantic suspense


Redeeming The Bad Boy

Nvy M

Zack was a cold charishmatic bad boy and the star athlete of his high school. But when his dad passes away unexpectedly, Zack finds that life will never be the same again. Burdened with grief, he has to learn alone how to overcome his fears and trauma to go through the angst of his teenaged years. ... more info

Story about: obsession, truelove, tragic past

Ongoing: 29 Jul 21 pages
41 15

Rating: 3

#650 in Romance
#53 in New Adult & College
#151 in Contemporary Romance




Genesis has great friends and teammates who are always willing to be with her, so they are very overprotective causing all men to be afraid of her but take away seeing her happy. She does not know the surprise that she will have to receive a very particular cat that looks like Jhon, her beloved tea... more info

Story about: love, friendships, teacherxstudent

Ongoing: 29 Jul 30 pages
36 9

Rating: 2

#1194 in Romance
#206 in Fantasy


Our Faith

Zr Prionty

"Our lives are connected with each other.No matter what happened I have full faith in you my love.And our faith can never lose,"said Hazel.. Andrew Anderson, a cheerful and extrovert boy,who loves to enjoy his life to the fullest.He is a willful boy, who wants to get everything of his choice.. On th... more info

Story about: university romance, first love, friendship

Ongoing: 29 Jul 57 pages
243 37

Rating: 5

#444 in Romance
#31 in New Adult & College


The Devil Desire

Avika Rai

"Sometimes even knowing everything about the outcome", "Of our action , we still failed to protect ourselves from getting hurt"!. "Bad or good , one thing everyone want is respectful Successful life", "No matter , achieving that, what way they walk on"!. For him she was mere target, for her,... more info

Story about: obsession, action thriller, royal conspiracy

Ongoing: 29 Jul 161 pages
1319 104

Rating: 6

#11 in Thrillers & Suspense
#160 in Romance


Impeccable Matchmaking

Chhavi Gupta

Siddharth Jindal is a young Dermatologist. He is everything a girl could want in her life partner... He is tall, dark, handsome, rich, funny, successful and has a very cool family. Girls are crazy about him but he is just friendly with everyone. Until one day when he goes to do some lighthearte... more info

Story about: misunderstanding, bet, matchmaking

Ongoing: 29 Jul 219 pages
15161 359

Rating: 70

#3 in Others
#2 in Humor
#153 in Romance
#32 in Contemporary Romance


Perpetual War


For thousands of years, the Primordial Towers stood with their secrets. The world looked on with curious eyes until the cracking of the first led to millions of deaths. After countless centuries none can remember the start nor see the end to the war. The wisest souls have chosen death before birt... more info

Story about: dieselpunk, esper, war

Ongoing: 29 Jul 410 pages
3464 103

Rating: 15

#200 in Fantasy
#6 in Epic fantasy
#8 in Action & Adventures
#3 in Military


Endless Black (part 2)


The web of conspiracy surrounds Rose. After the betrayal from Ash she broke down but the moment she thought to give up on her life someone kidnap her. Who kidnapped Rose? Are they old enemies? And the biggest question - Is Ash the one who tried to assault Rose? All this untold question will be answ... more info

Story about: reveng, victim point of view, weak to strong

Ongoing: 28 Jul 26 pages
245 36

Rating: 8

#365 in Romance
#91 in Contemporary Romance
#12 in Inspiration romance


A thought of vivek

Vivek tiwari

Please read my quote and share you comments... more info

Story about: me and my love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 1 pages
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Rating: 1

#1205 in Romance


Lovestruck - A Mafia Love Story

Wanda Vision

Bailey Ann decides to give herself to the Mafia King, Edward Grayson, only when she sees no other way to find some money for her father's surgery. Although, she is pulled into this trouble because of her own twin sister, Hailey, who messed with the Mafia King. Hailey demands to give her all the mone... more info

Story about: mafia billonaire, mafiaromance, mafia don falls in love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 28 pages
1409 176

Rating: 28

#146 in Romance
#29 in Romantic suspense
#89 in Billionaires



Amina Yusuf Dalhatu

Different personalities  ♡ ♡ In front of our families, we're well cultured while the world knows us as criminals  Two worlds, same attitude and ego, what will happen when their fate is intertwined; Will you like you when you meet you? Dive in and see the extraordinary romance ... more info

Story about: love and power, love betrayal cheating revenge, love and doubt

Ongoing: 28 Jul 107 pages
2283 99

Rating: 16

#16 in Mystery
#288 in Romance


Royally Screwed

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu

Century:18 An old tradition of Kaura village situated in Zaria where a girl must stop her education and get married at the age of 15 There is a girl, who doesn't support that And there is a king, who hates people who disobey and question the rules of his kingdom An ordinary girl and a Kin... more info

Story about: love, love betrayal cheating revenge, love romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 74 pages
5560 253

Rating: 34

#11 in Fantasy
#158 in Romance


Brown-Eyed Heaven

Chauna-lea Tricia Mikien

A wealthy teenage virgin falls in love with her extremely wealthy boyfriend. His family is part of a political dynasty & one of the richest in the world. She makes a rape accusation against him that nearly derails their relationship and his family comes after her hard.... more info

Story about: highschool, billionaires, first true love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 229 pages
2037 51

Rating: 3

#29 in Contemporary fiction
#6 in Urban life


Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage

yu tanit

Ⓓ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓘ︎Ⓛ︎Ⓨ︎ Ⓤ︎Ⓟ︎Ⓓ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓣ︎Ⓔ︎ Book one in U-Tale series: The Ceo and Doctor Romance. ✰Tale of the unfortunate marriage... more info

Story about: lies and secrets, doctor falls in love with businessman, contract love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 55 pages
3675 352

Rating: 43

#50 in Romance
#29 in Billionaires




Before his finger could move further, she whimpered, "Don't," that halted him. He stopped and raised his eyes to glance at her, hearing, "Please, don't," from her once again. She was shivering badly. Her eyes were still squeezed and tears were leisurely rolling down to her cheek. He made her cry. ... more info

Story about: obsession or love, abduction, possesiveness

Ongoing: 28 Jul 4 pages
113 30

Rating: 9

#302 in Romance

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