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Her Wedding

Shreya Pandey

Navi, a mute girl found herself in different country with her unexpected husband who married her when the real groom left her hand in the middle of wedding. Unable to do anything she decided to devote her life to her savior and his family. Manay, a billionaire who has his own motives and desire ... more info

Story about: love, unexpected wedding, mute girl

Ongoing: 11 Aug 159 pages
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Rating: 345

#145 in Romance
#1 in Inspiration romance
#7 in Mystery


Guarding the Badboy


Everybody wants to be protected. Everybody wants to be secured. In every story, if you are one of those "important" people, your life will be filled with threats so there are people around you to protect you, the guardians. Sometimes, or almost always, the damsel in distress is always the one being ... more info

Story about: tailed beasts, haters turn to lovers, maid and don

Ongoing: 11 Aug 66 pages
102 16

Rating: 3

#55 in Fantasy
#23 in Romantic fantasy
#433 in Romance
#63 in Romantic suspense


My Nation


She's just a teenager who wants to have a normal life but it looks like she herself is not normal. She thought life would be 'okay' even though she had powers but living at where she is, she knew she did not fit in with the world she is in. Her life is at its worst not until a guy comes into her li... more info

Story about: elemental love, fantasy, romance and tragedy

Ongoing: 11 Aug 60 pages
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Rating: 0

#238 in Fantasy
#124 in Romantic fantasy
#1414 in Romance
#57 in Inspiration romance



Lily Matanhire

Love, life and sacrifices. Ginny, raised in a strict christian family, is the last born in a family of four girls. While her three elder sisters know exactly what they want in life and how to get it, she still struggles to find her footing in life. All the conflicts in her life all come from her pa... more info

Story about: romance life, romance love, romance cliches and reality

Ongoing: 11 Aug 118 pages
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Rating: 50

#665 in Romance
#170 in Contemporary Romance


The Black Mable (the Struggle of a Black Woman)

Clara Star

This is not a romance or fictional novel it's an inspirational one, It's a book that tells the tales of black women and their struggle to be accepted and recognized by society. It tells of their suffering, and how they could use that anger of being neglected for something good. It teaches us to l... more info

Story about: blackwoman, struggle against society, struggle of a black woman

Ongoing: 11 Aug 1 pages
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Rating: 1

#38 in Others
#4 in Non-fiction
#55 in Short stories


My Marine Protector

Angel Faye

What if all your life was passing by you and you couldn’t enjoy it, and it is all because of one man? That is the story of Maddison. Ever since she met John, her life has been in hell, constantly full of abusement vocabulary and physical. Her only goal in life is to run away from him and live in p... more info

Story about: marine, violence, helpless

Ongoing: 10 Aug 79 pages
334 37

Rating: 4

#407 in Romance
#106 in Contemporary Romance


Dream of the Eternal Lovers


The story of college student Johan and middle school student Lucy, who have been having the same dream ever since they could remember. A dream of two lovers who would always fall to some misfortune. Before they meet their end, they swore to be together in the afterlife. History will crash upon Johan... more info

Story about: drama, romance drama, age difference romance

Ongoing: 10 Aug 171 pages
730 61

Rating: 6

#800 in Romance
#51 in New Adult & College


Killer Sunshine (18+)

Conie Reigh

Adiaphoros || Unhinged Bella Sinclair is the epitome of the word. With ghosts that haunt her dreams and a past that won't let her go, her quest for normalcy is continuously foiled by the Mafia world that seems too enamoured by her to leave her in peace. There'll be sweet passionate love, an... more info

Story about: mafia, love and betrayal, romatic action

Ongoing: 10 Aug 144 pages
898 46

Rating: 7

#28 in Thrillers & Suspense
#7 in Crime fiction
#492 in Romance
#76 in Romantic suspense


Undaunted Loves


She grabbed his collar and slapped him hard on his right cheek. "Why did you do this to me AYU..............tell me uh" Anaisha screamed at his face and tears were falling on her soft cheeks from her beautiful grey eyes. By seeing this scene all the people present there surrounded them. "I hav... more info

Story about: marriage of convenience, betrothal, heartbreak romance

Ongoing: 10 Aug 134 pages
6619 371

Rating: 56

#164 in Romance
#80 in Billionaires
#43 in Contemporary Romance



Rami Jones

Kalinda popularly known as Kay, an Indian American plans a solo trip to Kerala, India. Now is Kay adventurous and athletic? No. Then why did she plan a month of backpacking in India? Kay looks at this trip as a way to get away from reality and her overprotective parents. But what happens when... more info

Story about: romance, soulmates, light in darkness

Ongoing: 10 Aug 69 pages
1064 96

Rating: 31

#17 in Contemporary fiction
#10 in ChickLit
#361 in Romance


Face Of The Murderer


Anna a medicine student struggling financially tries to get a job. Her friend connects her to William, a wealthy young man so she can try her luck. William gives her a hard time but he finally agrees to help however, after their meeting, on her way home, Something happens that would change her life.... more info

Story about: billionare, reincarnation, billionare romance

Ongoing: 10 Aug 101 pages
354 16

Rating: 2

#63 in Mystery
#28 in Romantic mystery
#848 in Romance
#209 in Contemporary Romance


Day We Met

Franklin Rose

Saakshi fell in love with Ric At first glance, they don't they are relatives because both families severed their relation long time ago, Saakshi tries so hard in pursuing Ric,but he likes someone else. ... more info

Story about: friendship and love, married life

Ongoing: 10 Aug 94 pages
1636 70

Rating: 13

#377 in Romance
#98 in Contemporary Romance
#6 in Inspiration romance


His Interior Designer


Thea Morris is 23 years old and she works as an interior designer for a well-known company in Paris. She always rejected all the guys that asked her to go out on a date. She doesn't date nor has a boyfriend because she always makes herself busy with her work. Joseph Sanchez is 26 years old. He's the... more info

Story about: lovehaterelationship, bestfriend, couple

Ongoing: 10 Aug 127 pages
5423 189

Rating: 23

#126 in Romance
#65 in Billionaires


A spy lovestory


Elise Jordan, a professional hardworking fashion designer who has it all. The beauty and the brain. Elise believes no man can charm her. All in all, she believes love is just fantasy and lust. Little did she know a prince charming will venture into her life and break all the beliefs. Elijah Connor... more info

Story about: romance comedy, enemytolovers, spy

Ongoing: 10 Aug 18 pages
53 28

Rating: 2

#785 in Romance
#196 in Contemporary Romance
#378 in Billionaires


Letting Go


This is a sequel to Don't Touch After the journey through high school and finally able to adapt to life with his mental health, Michael approaches a new challenge. College, balancing his relationship with his boyfriend, Elliot, and figuring out what he wants in life. Maybe there are things that ... more info

Story about: inspirational romance, lgbtq romance, mental health awareness

Ongoing: 10 Aug 127 pages
1371 68

Rating: 5

#864 in Romance
#17 in LGBT
#31 in Inspiration romance


War 2022

Антон Данко

The historical of age-old confrontation with enemies in the struggle for statehood and independence of Ukraine passes through every Ukrainian up to this time. Multicolored threads of fate were woven into family threads, which all together, intertwining, wove their yellow-blue canvas of the Ukrainia... more info

Story about: hope, live, victory

Ongoing: 10 Aug 167 pages
189 5

Rating: 0

#1544 in Romance
#45 in Historical Romance


The Hungry Herd at Christmas

Tony Spencer

Tarquin Turkey doesn’t like the way The Farmer’s Wife keeps looking at him. Also he feels the barn that all the turkeys have lived in since they were eggs is getting too small and overcrowded. He loves the life of continuous food and water and the company of his best friend Tina but he has a bad... more info

Story about: christmas dinners, turkey farm, escape bid

Ongoing: 11 Aug 51 pages
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Rating: 0

#52 in Others
#30 in Humor
#242 in Fantasy
#127 in Romantic fantasy


Twist of Destiny

Twinkling stars

"I hate you-" "but I love you- It is said that love is beautiful but is it really.....? Join the journey of Mahi and Zain to know whether love can ever cure hatred-... more info

Story about: love romance, billionaire first love, hate to love forgiveness and family

Ongoing: 10 Aug 12 pages
541 66

Rating: 7

#297 in Romance
#154 in Billionaires




Sadie had gotton out of a relationship a month ago and desides to pick her self up and try to love someone else. Patrick had never been in a real relationship before and wants sadie to be in his life. What will happen when the age difference comes up. What will happen when Sadie dose not want to m... more info

Story about: diary, fun, true love story with added imagination

Ongoing: 11 Aug 3 pages
17 4

Rating: 1

#1018 in Romance
#38 in Inspiration romance


Seeing You


This is a story of a girl with different eyes from the others. She can see right through almost everything. Her eyes can see many things that cannot be explained by what our simple eyes can. She’s studying in her school as the president of the student council, then one day, met a guy who is study... more info

Story about: student council, rivalry between schools, eyes

Ongoing: 11 Aug 49 pages
58 9

Rating: 2

#662 in Romance
#20 in Inspiration romance
#32 in Paranormal Romance

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