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Damaged Beyond Repair


He was her teacher. She was his student. But, that's where the problems only begin. Alana Hayes has everything worked out when she transfers to the university; Sassy and strong, she just wanted to get through college, but finds herself falling head over heels in love ... more info

Story about: firstlove, collegeromance, studentteacher

Ongoing: 26 May 70 pages
897 142 9

Rating: 18

#47 in Romance
#12 in Contemporary Romance
#10 in New Adult & College


Alpha Tristan


He was a beast. Composed of nothing but sheer brutality, masculinity and power. A mate was the last thing on his mind. . . until he laid his eyes on her. [ influenced by the story of Hades and Persephone ]... more info

Story about: alpha, mates, werewolves

Ongoing: 25 May 80 pages
2126 170 9

Rating: 19

#12 in Fantasy
#7 in Romantic fantasy


Pinky Swear

Sky Angel

Sam and Ryan had been best friends when they were little, and couldn't do without each other. They pinky swore they would never leave each other but then Sam moved, breaking their promise. And now she's back and Ryan isn't entirely happy to see her.... more info

Story about: teen fiction, high school, possessive

Ongoing: 25 May 31 pages
583 112 32

Rating: 17

#50 in Romance
#6 in Contemporary fiction
#5 in ChickLit


Our little secret


Nisla is a 21 years old girl,living with her parents, she study Medicine, her life will change when she meets Damian Collin. The family have a lot of secrets, she Will love him after she knows the true?... more info

Story about: romance, romance drama

Ongoing: 26 May 32 pages
258 29 3

Rating: 2

#111 in Romance
#35 in Billionaires
#22 in New Adult & College


Fantastopia: A Crazy World (part 2)


So, you made it to the second book huh? And you're still interested in reading more about me and my new life? Well, alright then! So as you probably know, I'm still getting the hang of this double life, but at least I don't have to worry about college anymore. However, that doesn't mean I won't be f... more info

Story about: adventure, elves, romance and comedy

Ongoing: 25 May 171 pages
3486 32 9

Rating: 1

#279 in Fantasy
#163 in Others
#43 in Humor


Fallen Unknowingly...


This is story of a guy who is perfect in every manner. He left India and circumstances drew him back at age of 24. He want to fix everything back to normal in his best friend life. But things go worse day by day. He meets a girl in wrong circumstances…, even though unknowingly they bond to do some... more info

Story about: strong female, firstlove, fallen unknowingly

Ongoing: 25 May 389 pages
10338 209 38

Rating: 15

#10 in Thrillers & Suspense
#4 in Suspense
#15 in Fantasy
#9 in Romantic fantasy


The Truth Was Devastated

Sakshi Sharma

this story is having different levels of adventure and also different peoples with different mindsets. In this, you'll learn the importance of the environment. But in whole the story you'll find the devastated truth of those three friends.... more info

Story about: this is an adventure story

Ongoing: 25 May 22 pages
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Rating: 0

#34 in Thrillers & Suspense
#15 in Suspense
#6 in Action & Adventures


Dejected (short story)


Avery Jones is your average 17 year old, teenage girl who falls for the first time in her life despite being warned by her best friend, for her cousin, Baron Williams at first sight. He loved her just like she loved him. She thought they were destined to be togther but guess the things didn't happen... more info

Story about: romance, teenage love, friendship

Ongoing: 25 May 19 pages
20 0 0

Rating: 0

#42 in Short stories
#279 in Romance


The Broken Perfection

The Night Fury

The story revolves around a girl who does college at day and disguises a bike racer at night. She has a haunting past which left her broken with no way of healing and she wished to not be healed. She had grown addicted to that very pain to the extend where she felt more hollow without the pain. Was ... more info

Story about: mystery, romance, thriller

Ongoing: 25 May 60 pages
362 42 0

Rating: 7

#14 in Thrillers & Suspense
#190 in Romance
#31 in Romantic suspense



Mister E

"Send the money or i'll post them." Was a threat Anna had to deal with 4 times until now. But, her fate changed when a heavy weight boxer happened to walk buy in rather uncomfortable scene, apparently he has some unique abilities. She didn't know how to thank him, he didn't want anything in return... more info

Story about: romance, vampire, boxing

Ongoing: 25 May 26 pages
739 30 2

Rating: 6

#632 in Romance
#376 in Fantasy
#32 in Urban fantasy


That One Flight


Arriving at the airport, Ana feels the intense euphoria take over her body. While waiting in line to drop off her baggage, her eyes accidentally fall upon someone who will literally change her life. For the better. *EXTRACT FROM THE BOOK* "Words cannot describe the way I feel when I see you sm... more info

Story about: love, romance

Ongoing: 25 May 19 pages
41 3 0

Rating: 1

#196 in Romance
#41 in Contemporary Romance


Shadow Love

Cherine Olivier

Everyone has good and evil inside of them but what if the good wasn’t your own? A prophecy, a curse and a stranger were all it took to throw her life upside down. Art school was all she ever dreamed of. With her application to a prestigious art school and the future of her career as an illustrat... more info

Story about: vampire curses, witches and magic, teenager with powers

Ongoing: 25 May 43 pages
196 45 3

Rating: 7

#10 in Fantasy
#2 in Dark fantasy
#1 in Urban fantasy


The Moon We Both Share


It's easy being a monster among humans, so long as no one knows what kind of monster you can be. Alec Cross was a vampire living among the same humans he had been raised to avoid. A generation of proof that monsters can be integrated into a world not meant for them. Suppressing the need for blood wa... more info

Story about: teen romance, vampires and werewolves, society vs self

Ongoing: 25 May 109 pages
572 74 20

Rating: 17

#135 in Romance
#3 in Paranormal Romance
#16 in Fantasy
#2 in Urban fantasy


The Secret of a Strangled Woman

Vijay Kerji

Naina Goel, the wife of Karan Goel, is robbed and murdered in their mansion, Giri Kunj. Karan requests an inquest to his detective friend, Mayur Varma. Mayur chases the clues and accepts the challenge of arranging the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. What hurdles does he face along with Aisha Mishra and P... more info

Story about: mystery, mystery action romance, mystery series

Ongoing: 25 May 19 pages
105 30 0

Rating: 2

#16 in Thrillers & Suspense
#3 in Crime fiction
#9 in Suspense




El libro trata acerca de un joven de 14 años llamado yomaen que vive en la ciudad llamada luz pero este mundo no es nada normal ya que anillos fueron creados a partir de elementos y cuenta con poderes especiales y su historia sera contada aqui ... more info

Story about: anime, ficticio, aventura

Ongoing: 25 May 1 pages
0 0 0

Rating: 0

#71 in Fantasy


A wolf in the forest

Andrea Medina (Answag)

Jenny is just a girl who has lived all her life in the city but, all this changes when her grandmother appears from nowhere to take her with her, to the forest. She accepts, not knowing the consequences of her actions. ... more info

Story about: wolves, love and suspense

Ongoing: 25 May 21 pages
384 54 0

Rating: 6

#19 in Contemporary fiction
#14 in ChickLit
#202 in Romance
#43 in Contemporary Romance


The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


Madeline falls for who she thinks is the love of her life, secrets spill leading to an eternity of suffering for all involved, will Madeline put up the fight for her life for something she believes in. ... more info

Story about: vampire, historical, romance

Ongoing: 24 May 88 pages
160 3 0

Rating: 1

#40 in Mystery
#20 in Supernaturals
#247 in Romance
#10 in Historical Romance


Broken Pieces

Chukwu Annabelle

WHEN YOU LOVED SOMETHING THAT WAS KILLING YOU, IT LEFT YOU NO OPTIONS. How could you run, how could you fight, when you were already attached, addicted to it. You let it define you. How could you leave it when that was all you got to remain stable. You couldn't just let go despite knowing what effec... more info

Story about: addiction, death and loss, love and drug

Ongoing: 25 May 16 pages
56 9 3

Rating: 1

#197 in Romance
#15 in Thrillers & Suspense
#8 in Suspense


Tales Of The Rocket Patrol 2

PJ Lowry

Defenders of the colonies, lawmen and arbitrators who settle disputes. Their sole function is to serve and protect the people. They are the Rocket Patrol!... more info

Story about: science fiction, interstellar travel, interplanetary war

Ongoing: 24 May 17 pages
50 3 0

Rating: 0

#9 in Science fiction
#3 in Space opera
#1 in Cyberpunk


Lady Seducer

Маїра Цибуліна

Kolia is a stripper. He is a master at seducing young ladies. For this, rich clients pay him good money, whom he despises for their hobbies. Olia is the spoiled daughter of a millionaire. One of her hobbies is male striptease, which she goes to with her friends. The clash of characters will lead t... more info

Story about: from hate to love, passion and war, strong and passionate heroines

Ongoing: 24 May 52 pages
727 54 3

Rating: 9

#94 in Romance
#19 in New Adult & College
#7 in Inspiration romance

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