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The Black Mable (the Struggle of a Black Woman)

Clara Star

This is not a romance or fictional novel it's an inspirational one, It's a book that tells the tales of black women and their struggle to be accepted and recognized by society. It tells of their suffering, and how they could use that anger of being neglected for something good. It teaches us to l... more info

Story about: blackwoman, struggle against society, struggle of a black woman

Ongoing: 11 Aug 1 pages
6 4

Rating: 1

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#55 in Short stories


A spy lovestory


Elise Jordan, a professional hardworking fashion designer who has it all. The beauty and the brain. Elise believes no man can charm her. All in all, she believes love is just fantasy and lust. Little did she know a prince charming will venture into her life and break all the beliefs. Elijah Connor... more info

Story about: romance comedy, enemytolovers, spy

Ongoing: 10 Aug 18 pages
50 28

Rating: 2

#788 in Romance
#196 in Contemporary Romance
#381 in Billionaires


Billionaire & His Indian Wife

Anie Styles

Aarna belongs to a typical, cultural family from India where she learned about the thresholds for girls which should always be dignified. With only a dream of striving to become a successful working woman stamping her worth to her family. She decided to follow her dreams and left India. Xavier b... more info

Story about: contract marriage, love and romance with billionaire, indiangirl

Ongoing: 10 Aug 10 pages
351 101

Rating: 27

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#114 in Romance
#57 in Billionaires


Mysterious Destiny of Us 2


It's time for the mystery left behind in the past life to resolve now... be it the past misunderstandings, deep rooted grudges, unspoken confessions, or... incomplete love. This whole journey will be colored by the different shades of love, some might be as bright as parental love, innocent love... more info

Story about: timetravel, underworld king, past life romance

Ongoing: 10 Aug 7 pages
40 17

Rating: 3

#781 in Romance
#194 in Contemporary Romance
#50 in Contemporary fiction
#25 in ChickLit


Mistaking A Billionaire For A Gigolo 3

Teddy Lam

Third series of Mistaking A Billionaire For A Gigolo... more info

Story about: betrayal, first love, contemporary romance

Ongoing: 10 Aug 10 pages
1294 170

Rating: 24

#18 in Romance
#8 in Billionaires


My Book of Prose


Book of short stories about the life of a Christian and Nigeria lifestyle ... more info

Story about: difference of opinion, different worlds mystery, different characters

Ongoing: 08 Aug 0 pages
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Rating: 0

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Sadie had gotton out of a relationship a month ago and desides to pick her self up and try to love someone else. Patrick had never been in a real relationship before and wants sadie to be in his life. What will happen when the age difference comes up. What will happen when Sadie dose not want to m... more info

Story about: diary, fun, true love story with added imagination

Ongoing: 11 Aug 3 pages
17 4

Rating: 1

#1019 in Romance
#38 in Inspiration romance


Guarding the Badboy


Everybody wants to be protected. Everybody wants to be secured. In every story, if you are one of those "important" people, your life will be filled with threats so there are people around you to protect you, the guardians. Sometimes, or almost always, the damsel in distress is always the one being ... more info

Story about: tailed beasts, haters turn to lovers, maid and don

Ongoing: 11 Aug 66 pages
99 15

Rating: 3

#55 in Fantasy
#23 in Romantic fantasy
#434 in Romance
#63 in Romantic suspense


Seeing You


This is a story of a girl with different eyes from the others. She can see right through almost everything. Her eyes can see many things that cannot be explained by what our simple eyes can. She’s studying in her school as the president of the student council, then one day, met a guy who is study... more info

Story about: student council, rivalry between schools, eyes

Ongoing: 11 Aug 49 pages
58 9

Rating: 2

#663 in Romance
#20 in Inspiration romance
#32 in Paranormal Romance


My Nation


She's just a teenager who wants to have a normal life but it looks like she herself is not normal. She thought life would be 'okay' even though she had powers but living at where she is, she knew she did not fit in with the world she is in. Her life is at its worst not until a guy comes into her li... more info

Story about: elemental love, fantasy, romance and tragedy

Ongoing: 11 Aug 60 pages
35 5

Rating: 0

#238 in Fantasy
#124 in Romantic fantasy
#1413 in Romance
#57 in Inspiration romance


A Horror Night

Author Anjali

A short tale you would definitely enjoy with a pinch of horror in it. ... more info

Story about: horror story, love

Ongoing: 08 Aug 4 pages
20 3

Rating: 2

#4 in Horror
#16 in Short stories


Broken promises

Muskan Dubey

This story if about a girl and boy and there promise. She take a promise from him. He give a promise to her. Did he can fullfill her promise?.He did something which broke her heart. what will be happen when she came to know about truth?. What will be her decision?. ... more info

Story about: heartbreak, billionaire, love marriage

Ongoing: 06 Aug 1 pages
30 5

Rating: 1

#1328 in Romance
#190 in Romantic suspense
#609 in Billionaires


We touched our Souls before the Skin

Bob Bux

Broken-hearted and disenchanted about relationships Sara is Catapulted into the intrigues of the world. Challenged by her emotions upheavals she found James, an encounter that embraces all her hopes for finding someone special. What begins as an emotional solace between the two later becomes an u... more info

Story about: romance drama, romance action humour, romance and betrayal

Ongoing: 06 Aug 56 pages
61 16

Rating: 0

#633 in Romance
#30 in Paranormal Romance


A Dream So Dark

Myra Mains

After a rough breakup, Gemma Bird is in need of a new start. When a night out with her new friends leads to a run-in with the mysterious and alluring Kellan Maxwell, she is powerless to resist his charm. As she is drawn deeper into his world, a haunting truth comes to light: monsters exist, and Kel... more info

Story about: vampires, twilight inspired

Ongoing: 06 Aug 28 pages
46 4

Rating: 0

#8 in Horror
#7 in Paranormal
#61 in Young adult


His Better Half

Seerat Kaur

She got married to Arnav to save herself from putting into the unwanted marriage - arranged one. She would prefer to die but never marry a person of her mother's choice. She loathed her mother because she held her responsible for all the troubles in her life. She didn't know how to survive in this w... more info

Story about: love & tragedy, love after heartbreak, billionaire finding true love

Ongoing: 09 Aug 23 pages
376 109

Rating: 12

#132 in Romance
#68 in Billionaires
#5 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2 in Crime fiction


Found in a Skip

Tony Spencer

A reply by an ex-husband to a thank you letter from an ex-wife, revealing a true love story that was broken by greed, another true love story that maintained a lie, and a third true love story which kept a man sane … all contained in a short "thank you letter" in less than 1000 words. ... more info

Story about: cheating, divorce, love stories x3

Complete 3 pages
10 3

Rating: 1

#56 in Short stories


Bırak Peşimi hyunlix


Hyunjin takıntılı bir şekilde Felix'e aşıktır ama Felix onu sevmemektedir.Fakat Hyunjin onu elde etmek için farklı yollara baş vuracaktır.... more info

Story about: hyunlix

Ongoing: 10 Aug 5 pages
12 1

Rating: 1

#26 in Fanfiction


Mated To The Enemy

Mastaani HK

Humans had sufficiently ruled the world. Now it was time to rule this earth for powerful creatures like werewolves. They captured this world on the strength of their power. They made humans their slaves and those who had the courage, started taking training to hunt them, to win their rights back. J... more info

Story about: enemiestolovers, hunter, werewolf alpha

Ongoing: 09 Aug 21 pages
915 202

Rating: 36

#113 in Romance
#12 in Fantasy


Second Stab At Love

Bob Bux

The book was written with the aim in mind to explore second chances and explicitly convey that apart from the usual grinds, life also offers abundance of friendship, love and hope. There's also particular excitement about this launch because it gives broken-hearted people a chance to take a relook a... more info

Story about: first love, first crush, fantasy modern human relationships

Ongoing: 05 Aug 70 pages
75 26

Rating: 1

#535 in Romance
#83 in Romantic suspense
#75 in Fantasy


Because Of Eden

Lily Rhodes (thelilyyouknow)

Eden Brooks, 19 is a pregnant christian girl who had nothing else in mind other than showing up at her brother's college unannounced to surprise him with a birthday cake. But she is in for a much bigger surprise when an impolite boy with the word 'trouble' taped to his forehead opens the door instea... more info

Story about: romance, redemption, lovestory

Ongoing: 09 Aug 15 pages
61 12

Rating: 0

#559 in Romance
#33 in New Adult & College
#29 in Young adult
#9 in School

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