Book 3 His Smile Worth Billions || Cover Reveal!

Author: Angelic Emman / Posted: 05.05.21, 20:15:04

Hey Angels! (っ˘ω˘ς )


Thank you very much for your patience. The wait is finally over as the BOOK 3 of the series “HIS SMILE WORTH BILLIONS”  will be coming out tomorrow [ 6th May].  Who's excited? („ಡωಡ„)


The title of Book 3 will be “HER SMILE WORTH BILLIONS” and here's the cover and annotation. 




Story of a broken poor girl who wants to end her life yet gives a broken rich boy a reason to live.


Behind a mask of a cheerful girl, lives a desolate girl with her haunting past. She fooled everyone with her fake smile yet there’s a boy who can’t be fooled. A boy she loves yet fears the most concerning the secrets of her past. A boy hiding his real identity, who has everything but a reason to live, the only one who noticed her sorrows.


Can she hide her past from him forever? Can he hide his identity from her as there’s someone trying to reveal them at the very wrong time? How can a girl living in abyss herself, can bring a heartbroken boy back to life? 


Yet, he believes; a smile that forms after overcoming a billion adversities, is worth a billion and


Her smile worth billions.



PS: Also check out the upcoming giveaway for BOOK 2 to win a chance to read it for free. 





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Vaishali Sharma
08.05.2021, 14:03:30

Omg so finally the wait is over....plz keep it for free...we waited for so long

Angelic Emman
08.05.2021, 17:49:47

Vaishali Sharma, Yaaas! \(^ヮ^)/ sure I'm keeping it free for now however, I have to put it on bookscription as per contest rules but feel free to dm me on insta: angelicemman if you need promocodes

06.05.2021, 03:14:36

I love your book cover...

Angelic Emman
06.05.2021, 03:38:11

dreamweaver, Yey! So glad you like it

Passionate Writer
06.05.2021, 02:40:48


Angelic Emman
06.05.2021, 02:54:26

Passionate Writer, Thank you so much for waiting!!

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