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Book. "A Night in Brighton" read online

A Night in Brighton

Tony Spencer

Story about:1950s, crime boss, fixer

Age restriction: 18+

5 20

#91 in Historical Romance
#405 in Romantic suspense

Complete 28 pages

Publication: 07.07.2022 — 13.07.2022

Description of book "A Night in Brighton"

In 1952 London is just emerging after the long and costly war with Nazi Germany, the wholesale destruction of the capital city and 14 years of rationing, the country coping with huge debts and war loans.
Since demob, Jack has been a "fixer", procuring materials for the building industry and then anything that anyone with money could afford and Jack had to flirt with organised crime who ruled the East End virtually unchecked.
It was a lonely life and Jack couldn’t afford to let his guard down.
Then he invited Frieda, the beautiful wife of the most feared gangland boss in London, to spend a night with him in Brighton.
Frieda's husband Richard was away for the weekend so she decided to go with Jack, but only for one night.


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