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Alpha's Witch Mate Is Naughty


Story about:firstlove, werewolf alpha and luna witch mates, revenge to love

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#157 in Romantic fantasy
#13 in Action fantasy

Ongoing: 16 May 26 pages

Publication: 23.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

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Description of book "Alpha's Witch Mate Is Naughty"

Jasmine Graeme, a tri-hybrid witch, had her revenge set against the werewolf king of Estabia to appease her mother’s hate.
She had 100 days until the mating season, to kill him and make Estabia suffer.
Alaric Zev, the endearing cold werewolf king, in search of a Luna before the next mating season, meets her, changing his world.
One goal, 100 days to make her fall in love with him and be his Luna.
With her revenge going down the drain, can she fight against the greater evil and save all of Estabia from the White Witch?
Or is she, the greater evil?
She has her own secrets, a half-werewolf, a demi-goddess and the daughter of the White Witch.


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Venum Spice
26.04.2022, 22:20:55

Thanks for the chapter! This novel is so captivating. Thumbs up, author.

26.04.2022, 22:32:53

Venum Spice, thank u darling

Venum Spice
26.04.2022, 22:26:28

Interesting concept with a good premise! I can't wait for more!!!

26.04.2022, 22:32:30

Venum Spice, Thanks dearie

Sky Li
24.04.2022, 13:28:13

Interesting concept!!
I love the story already and I'm hoping to see the future development ☺️✌️
Love the work!❤️❤️

24.04.2022, 15:44:46

Sky Li, thanks dear

Winnie Oviawe
23.04.2022, 13:25:45

Nice story. I hope to see more of it soon.

23.04.2022, 13:50:43

Winnie Oviawe, thanks a bunch

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