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Bad Boy Billionaire


Story about:billionaire, sexy, romace

Age restriction: 18+

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#772 in Romantic suspense
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Publication: 06.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Bad Boy Billionaire "

Ten years ago, Wealthy Billionaire, Blake Martinez, excelled at high speed driving, pursuit and evasion of the police. He became one of the most feared and sought after wheel man, drag racer and enforcer of all time. His name was legendary on the streets, but when his lifestyle cost him his one true love Diana, he had no choice but to change his life around.

He's now a top security expert to the rich and famous, and owns several shipping companies and warehouses that transports and stores legal shipments for museums corporation. He still dabbles in the criminal world, but not by choice.

When Blake finds out that Diana is back in New York and is possibly in danger, he decides its up to him to protect her like he always has; and he decides he wants her back.


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Nishmitha Tys
16.11.2021, 17:34:34

please upload next chapter

Urvi Katira
03.10.2021, 20:02:48

Hi Author.. have you updated the next chapters as I don't see any.

Neha Singh
27.04.2021, 18:44:53

uuuhmmm...Hey Author I didn't notice any updates ...can you clear my thoughts...!!!
Like hell I've been waiting for this book....I really want to read to it....

Neha Singh
01.05.2021, 20:27:56

Growingvogue, okay...^_^ I'll wait.. bt don't delay it further

Neha Singh
02.04.2021, 18:44:40

hey Author still waiting...for it...ಥ‿ಥ

02.04.2021, 19:45:58

Neha Singh, I will start publishing the chapters Monday!!! Thank you so much for your patience!

Neha Singh
06.02.2021, 06:03:13

hey Author Where can I read this full...?

Neha Singh
06.02.2021, 09:46:55

Growingvogue , I loved it

Ginny Pestano
14.12.2020, 12:27:43

Yes,done reading your updates...thanks and looking forward for more. You really all your books with diff amazing stories.

Ginny Pestano
08.12.2020, 09:17:01

Growingvogue,am waiting for updates on your 2 books-Paid to Fall in Love and The House Always Wins. Soon pls. Thanks.

08.12.2020, 11:29:48

Ginny Pestano, LOL! I updated both Sunday. I will update The House Always wins again on Wednesday, and Paid to Fall in Love on Friday. Did you like the chapters?

Gena Elgie
04.12.2020, 05:42:29

what do you mean sample?

04.12.2020, 06:26:27

Gena Elgie, It’s just a sample of the new book I’m writing. I want to finish “The House Always Wins” and Paid to Fall in Love before putting g my all into it. I will be adding more Chapters but at a slow pace.

I’m editing the chapter for the House Always Wins now so it will be published late tonight or tomorrow so keep an eye out!

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