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Book. "Begging His Luna" read online

Begging His Luna

Hiraya Cross

Story about:werewolves, werewolf fated mates, werewolf alpha and luna

Age restriction: 18+

64 4301

#146 in Paranormal Romance
#2731 in Romance

Sample 24 pages

Publication: 05.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Begging His Luna"

Conrad has been training all his life under his father, the current Alpha of Snow Mountain Pack. He’s nearly twenty-eight and yet, he was unable to meet his mate. She’s not in their pack and once a month, he would visit other packs to try and find her, but to no avail. She stumbled into their territory with a bunch of rogues, being pursued by hostile wolves. Conrad was elated upon smelling her scent, but Alice is not keen on dealing with a mate at the moment. She has other problems to attend to. Only when he promised to help her did she give in. But a terrible thing happened, causing a misunderstanding. Alice left but Conrad couldn’t just leave the pack to get her back. He messed up, but he knew he would beg her to give him another chance.


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Charmaine Kaburuzi
19.08.2022, 17:25:00

what a great story great work

Hiraya Cross
23.08.2022, 03:46:43

Charmaine Kaburuzi, Thank you. :)

Gena Elgie
13.08.2022, 23:49:28

Pleasebe a book 2

Gena Elgie
18.08.2022, 21:10:26

Hiraya Cross, sad

Jennifer Zeigler
18.08.2022, 10:36:23

Amazing story!

Hiraya Cross
18.08.2022, 15:53:19

Jennifer Zeigler, Thank you. :)

16.08.2022, 19:37:28

wow I give a quick look and I want Ice story now! first story when Vampires and werewolves aren't in their throats! good job author!

Hiraya Cross
18.08.2022, 15:52:18

Heartfixer, Hello. Thank you. :) I don't have a working title for Ice's story yet.

08.08.2022, 23:47:04

loved the story it's so good keep it up dear and good luck

Hiraya Cross
18.08.2022, 15:49:16

Hina, Thank you. :)

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