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Breathe me in

Adia Smith

Story about:love, mental health, sex

Age restriction: 18+

22 145

#1246 in Erotic
#6113 in Romance

On Hold: 09 Jul 0 pages

Publication: 19.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Breathe me in"

Luca Peirce is a troubled assassin who finds himself checking in and out of the mental hospital during his free time. He knows that he needs help but every time he steps foot in the facility, he leaves with a bad experience. This time he leaves with a particular plus-sized, bright-eyed dark skinned beauty on his mind and all he wants is to have her to himself.

Lillian Patterson has suffered from depression since sixteen. Not only had she taken up the responsibility to care for her grandfather and run his coffee shop, but she had to deal with problems she faced with loving herself. On her last day inside the hospital, she met Luca. Unbeknownst to her, he wanted to dedicate himself to loving her.


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Odun Ayo Godon
20.11.2020, 14:20:51

chapter pls asap

Odun Ayo Godon
22.11.2020, 20:50:21

Adia Smith, kkk

Odun Ayo Godon
20.11.2020, 14:20:16

the chapter is gud

Adia Smith
20.11.2020, 16:22:51

Odun Ayo Godon, Thank you will update tonight