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Book. "Corporate Ethics. Book One" read online

Corporate Ethics. Book One

Павло Тульський

Story about:corporate wars, hackers, cyborgs

29 414

#8 in Cyberpunk
#66 in Action thriller

Complete 77 pages

Publication: 26.03.2022 — 09.04.2022

Description of book "Corporate Ethics. Book One"

Major cities are divided into corporate sectors, which are ruled by Corporations - players of the Global Market.
They set the rules, keep order, look after their employees.
And they are constantly at war with each other.
Experienced hackers break into databases, steal information and resources. Modified operatives and corporate agents sabotage and seize competitors' facilities.
And each player pretends to abide by the inviolable laws of Corporate Ethics...


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Павло Тульський
09.04.2022, 00:27:24

book one completed!

Павло Тульський
01.04.2022, 23:40:58

The second part has been published! By the way, while the next one comes out, you can pay attention to two other stories: "Dive" and "One Simple Order"

Павло Тульський
26.03.2022, 01:19:56

Guys, I look forward to your comments. I`ll be glad to know your opinion.

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