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Find ( A sequel to the novel Stay)


Series: The Stay Series

Story about:young adult, teenromance, selkie

Age restriction: 18+

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#1109 in Young adult
#572 in Supernaturals

Complete 282 pages

Publication: 22.03.2019 — 15.04.2019

Description of book "Find ( A sequel to the novel Stay)"

Two years ago, 18-year-old Keane Fisher was your average American jock with a bright future ahead of him. But that changed when he made an irresponsible decision. It sent him down a dark, downward spiral of alcohol and self- destruction. Then Keane made another dark choice but that was when Marin Halifax came to his rescue. Keane was the boy who didn't even know he wanted to be saved, until he was, and found in Marin and himself many reasons to STAY. But Keane is struggling to put his past behind him and be a better man. But life is complicated with a girlfriend that takes to the sea in her sealskin, and with his past which threatens to catch up at every turn.Can Keane find himself and his place in the world, or is he destined to remain that angry boy who can't even be saved from himself?


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16.10.2020, 10:35:28

Stay and Find are both so beautiful, bittersweet stories. Really enjoyed them. So many lessons in it and loved the ending

AnnaRCase guru
16.10.2020, 13:21:01

ZARA, Thank you. Eventually I'll get around to the third book on the series told from Zales pov.

19.07.2020, 13:24:12

Incredible story...
Please make out time to check on mine...
Thanks ? ? ?

AnnaRCase guru
19.07.2020, 14:15:49

Vintage, ok :)

13.04.2020, 02:50:08


AnnaRCase guru
13.04.2020, 04:15:35


Suzanne Pearson
18.05.2019, 04:16:01

I so love this book ♥

AnnaRCase guru
19.05.2019, 00:23:52

Suzanne Pearson
, This is the full story. But I will be writing a 3rd part through Zales POV. Did you read the 1st book in the series called Stay?

me me
22.04.2019, 07:31:55


AnnaRCase guru
22.04.2019, 13:28:35

me me, Thanks for reading and commenting! Glad you like it.

Heather Navy
21.04.2019, 16:48:39

the story is marvelous

AnnaRCase guru
21.04.2019, 17:28:10

Heather Navy, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on several of my stories! I really appreciate it :) I'm glad you are enjoying them. The third book to this novel is in process and told through Zale's point of view.

Ann Swan
10.04.2019, 13:07:59

this is so beautiful

AnnaRCase guru
10.04.2019, 14:43:29

Ann Swan, Thank you. I'm glad you like it! I will be posting all the final chapters soon.

Adelia Yuen
04.04.2019, 05:12:34

Is there a book trailer? I can't view it. But i love love this sequel.

AnnaRCase guru
04.04.2019, 20:47:27

Adelia Yuen, Yes there is. Have you tried opening Litnet through your browser instead of the app? If not you can view it directly off YouTube under Anna R. Case Find trailer :)

26.03.2019, 17:30:28

very interesting, when is the next update?

AnnaRCase guru
27.03.2019, 02:02:52

Annatjie Shikongo, weird question for you, how many pages does my story have? I've noticed a glitch with my app. To get past page 73, I have to open it in the browser. So curious if it says 73 or 94 pages?

Linsey Smith
26.03.2019, 12:56:06

it is nice to read about the personalities transformation

AnnaRCase guru
26.03.2019, 16:51:11

Linsey Smith, Yes, Keane was in a very dark place. Its true in real life, we never know what's going on inside someone's head or their daily lives. If we did, it would be easier to understand them and their behaviors. Easier to be empathetic. Keane is not a bad person, he just made some bad decisions and was an alcoholic.

Samantha Ainsley
25.03.2019, 12:17:58

a book trailer really helps to understand the story

AnnaRCase guru
25.03.2019, 12:30:26

Samantha Ainsley, I think so too. Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope you enjoy it.

Ana Arrigo
24.03.2019, 17:30:45

well done

AnnaRCase guru
25.03.2019, 01:38:55

Ana Arrigo, Thank you. I hope you understand and like Keane better once you had a chance to get inside his head.

Tiffany Kole
23.03.2019, 14:37:43

is it you Keane?

AnnaRCase guru
23.03.2019, 15:13:05

Tiffany Kole, This story is told through Keane's POV. The third one in process is told through Marin's brother Zale. While thank God I have never struggled with alcoholism, Keane is like me in his dark humor, sarcasm, and other aspects in this book.

Savage Rose
22.03.2019, 11:46:57

couldn´t miss the sequel!

AnnaRCase guru
22.03.2019, 12:15:12

Savage Rose, Thanks. This is certainly different than the first one. But hopefully you'll understand Keane better, because he certainly didn't make the best impressions in Stay most of the time.

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