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Book. "His-royal - Sweetness  " read online
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Publication: 22.12.2020 — 29.01.2021

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Description of book "His-royal - Sweetness "

His-royal-sweetness is a Scintillating, breath taking billionaire romance where Alex must break all social class rules to be with the man that has ruled her dreams since she was a teenager. He is a billionaire while she's frankly a nobody who doesn't even know her biological father. There are ruthless, unapologetic oppositions to destroy the hot unapologetic passion she shares with her blionaire lover Richard, compounded with shocking revelations of her roots.


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Hannah Chen
17.11.2022, 12:10:47

Hello!:) I'm Hannah, the editor of Moboreader.
Moboreader is an online writing platform, we are looking for talented writers worldwide and welcome lots of collaboration.
You can easily search for us on Apple or Google's bestseller lists.
If you are interested, please contact me.
Or Facebook:
I will bring you professional guidance on how to work together.
Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.

Umeh Ogechukwu
26.02.2021, 02:21:32

I love everything about your story
not fill with sex content. BRAVO

Debby James
26.02.2021, 12:04:14

Umeh Ogechukwu, Thanks Umeh. You're amazing

Debby James
31.01.2021, 17:14:28

Hi friends, His-royal-sweetness is now a complete book, please do enjoy yourselves. Don't forget to like and follow my page. Wish us all a beautiful day ahead..

Enang Adekunle Adeosin
01.01.2021, 14:44:25

huhn! huhn! so sweet and trouble brewing. After all she is a daughter cum heiress of a millionaire. So it's all good.

Debby James
04.01.2021, 13:42:20

Enang Adekunle Adeosin, I've got you dear

Francesca Hill
27.12.2020, 10:28:46

I like the way you write, its compelling.

Debby James
29.12.2020, 13:07:33

Francesca Hill, Thanks beautiful, I'm deeply encouraged. Stay tuned

Tabitha Mutashi
29.12.2020, 10:06:02

nice story

Debby James
29.12.2020, 13:06:56

Tabitha Mutashi, Thanks beautiful. I'm encouraged

Kenyange Joan
29.12.2020, 11:52:01

Please upload 3 or 4 chapter asap

Debby James
29.12.2020, 13:06:27

Kenyange Joan, Sure dearie. Thanks a bunch

24.12.2020, 00:49:54

I'm delighted, Fascinating piece.

Debby James
29.12.2020, 13:05:36

Adeniyi Olayinka, Sure Ade dear, you'll hear from me soonest. Thanks for the encouragement

Debby James
23.12.2020, 16:22:54

Excellent piece

Debby James
24.12.2020, 01:14:02

Debby James , You're amazing Cia

Rosey sunday
23.12.2020, 19:31:04

Bravo !!!

Debby James
23.12.2020, 21:26:28

Rosey sunday, Thanks sweetheart

Debby James
23.12.2020, 16:20:58

Excellent piece

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