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#113 in Paranormal Romance
#134 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 15 Feb 26 pages

Publication: 30.01.2021 — ...
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "How to Run"

Zelda Travis’ life has not been all sunshine and rainbows for as long as she can remember and for this reason, she plans on leaving the small town of Groven once she graduates. What she does not plan on is to be accidentally embroiled in a fierce battle of power between members of the Association: a group of ancient vampires. Yes, ancient vampires. Her first reflex is to run as far away from them as she possibly can but the recently renounced member of the Association, Ace Walters, seems to be pulling her back from all angles. Is it his non-human attributes or is it the fuzzy feelings she has been trying to suppress since she met him? One thing is for sure, Zelda is in for a hell of a run.

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