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It Started with Slime


Series: It Started with Slime

Story about:magic, growth, evolution

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#8 in LitRPG
#18 in Action fantasy

Ongoing: 05 Dec 448 pages

Publication: 23.10.2021 — ...

Description of book "It Started with Slime"

An alchemical experiment has gone wrong and results in a Micro Slime - Resh! This story follows a Micro Slime that has some level of consciousness and there is more to it than meets the eye. Micro Slime is just the beginning of course as it struggles to improve itself and works hard to grow and become stronger just to survive its harsh new reality. There is a lot more going and only time will tell if this Micro Slime can become strong enough to make it through the strife to the other side. It's a harsh world after all.


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Troy Charlton
11.11.2021, 18:35:19

just him and nature now

Tedd Kirsten
08.11.2021, 17:39:24

can you update more frequently? cause the delay makes me disconnect from the story

08.11.2021, 22:48:56

Tedd Kirsten, sure, will do my best, hard to write so much so quickly though. lol, thanks for reading!

Mike Two
05.11.2021, 14:38:18

I love the flow of the book, well done!

06.11.2021, 07:16:32

Mike Two, thanks so much! feedback like this pushes me to keep writing!

Sayba Naznin Riya
31.10.2021, 09:41:34

Is it a science fiction story?

31.10.2021, 22:26:26

Sayba Naznin Riya, yes it is, it is a sub-genre of fantasy and sci-fi called LitRPG. so fantasy with gaming elements. if you have ever played a role-playing game then you will see stats levels and the like. Honestly, mine is not a great explanation but google does do a decent job of explaining the sub-genre. hope that helps!

Shikha A
23.10.2021, 14:33:07

Dear description has to be about the story not how you are planing to go on with this book.. when readers don't know anything about the story why would they read????

Shikha A
23.10.2021, 18:54:49

KevalShahAudio, No worries... :) whatever u want to say write at end of the chapter but here only the story line then only you will get views..

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