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Living Underwater

Flora Luxar

Story about:
family and love, adventures, treasure


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19 6 2021

#61 in Action & Adventures
#213 in Thrillers & Suspense

Ongoing: 13 Jul 31 pages

Publication: 17.08.2019 — ...

Description of book "Living Underwater"

This is a story about an adventurous girl named Leela who goes into the sea of Dwarka to find her father's dead body and to complete the mission that she gets from the professional archaeologists, who almost killed Leela by dashing their submarine with her.

Read the book to find out about the adventure Leela goes onto and discover a way to live underwater with its benefits and also discover the beauty of the world underwater.

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Ann Swan 20.08.2019, 18:28:09

Laila y Leela

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Ann Swan 21.08.2019, 17:01:58

Flora Luxar, they are beAUTIFUL

Mike Two 18.08.2019, 18:25:16


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Flora Luxar 18.08.2019, 19:14:01

thank you. that means a lot to me. These words inspire me a lot to write and bring up such works.
Thank you once again

Clayton Terrel 17.08.2019, 17:37:22

should be interesting, the description is inviting

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