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Open Marriage

Aroboto ife

Story about:marriage, highschoollove, vacation

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Ongoing: 27 Oct 62 pages

Publication: 14.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Open Marriage "

Our marriage is falling apart and there's a need to spice it up. An open marriage for 2 weeks can help, right? But let's not forget the rules, after all not everything is open in an open marriage.

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Zaara Alikhan 25.10.2020, 03:52:54

I love this book it's so good

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Aroboto ife 27.10.2020, 00:18:24

Zaara Alikhan, Thanks

Zaara Alikhan 26.10.2020, 20:04:41

Waiting for the new update want to see the insecure cole.

Zaara Alikhan 25.10.2020, 21:24:07

Update more chapters

Simi 22.10.2020, 01:54:53

I am obsessed with this book

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Aroboto ife 23.10.2020, 01:01:47

Simi, Thanks

Anna Pete 15.10.2020, 18:18:07

Update soon

The last comment in the thread:

Aroboto ife 15.10.2020, 18:31:07

Anna Pete, this night

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