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Six Months Gap - Living for the Dead

Tee Summer

Story about:a story about the underground world

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Ongoing: 21 Sep 114 pages

Publication: 26.07.2020 — ...

Description of book "Six Months Gap - Living for the Dead"

This isn't your typical high school story,this is a lot dangerous,involving gangs,fighters,Mafia and a lot of drama
A underground revolution is gonna happen when Scarlet meets Ezra
Scarlet Jones Knight:Underground cage fighter named RED HUNTER
Ezra Leo Asher:Underground gang leader of the RED HUNTER GANG
Scarlet has a twin brother who is the second in command of the Red Hunter gang.They both are totally unaware of the other ones profession (if you can call it) Ezra faced a tragedy that cost him to become the leader of red Hunters gang he lost his parents to the blood moon gang the so-called enemy gang his only weakness is his little sister Emilia Leo Asher
Scarlet's bestfriend Zara Clark who is also a cage fighter while Agnus Black is a Sharp shooter
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