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Book. "The Alpha's Goddess" read online

The Alpha's Goddess

Ella Cane

Story about:romance, werewolf, alpha

37 697

#150 in Paranormal Romance
#2874 in Romance

On Hold: 30 Jun 12 pages

Publication: 29.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Alpha's Goddess"

Althea (Thea) Ryder is the daughter of an Alpha. When her father, the Alpha of their pack goes to meet The Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack to negotiate an alliance, Thea accompanies him only to find out that The Alpha is her mate.

Jaxon Hawthorne is said to be a cold, ruthless Alpha. He is feared and has a reputation. So when he finds out that he has a mate, he wonders how he is going to deal with that.


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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
05.07.2022, 13:39:03

How often does this story get updates? I love to read good Werewolf Stories but hate getting into a awesome story and then there are no more updates so as much as I like the description and the comments as I take them into consideration when I start a new book I don’t want to start a new story only to not get updates so please let me know about updates I will add to my library for now until I hear back

Rume Christy
04.07.2022, 14:45:30

this is simply awesome... wow.. am already loving this story... author please update soonest... Weldon..

Rajnandini Jain
03.07.2022, 06:14:27

Update fast author plssssssss

Bumbum Adeola
03.07.2022, 03:47:19

Nice beginning! waiting for more updates.

01.07.2022, 20:28:53

Woahhh why do i fell that beta or gamma of alpha might be the mate of our talking machine

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