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The Fake Fiancée

Nina Amores

Story about:engangement, romace, lies

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#560 in Romance
#286 in Billionaires

Complete 121 pages

Publication: 25.11.2020 — 18.12.2020

Description of book "The Fake Fiancée"

Rebecca hates her boss James, he is rude, arrogant, and obnoxiously handsome. She wishes she wasn’t his assistant, but she desperately needs money to pay off her brother’s debts. After having a few drinks at a party, she decides to confront James and give him a piece of her mind before blacking out in the back of his limo. She wakes up the next day in his apartment with no memory of what happened.
James has problems too, he has to prove to his father that he’s capable of leading the company, but after the rumor spreads that he spent the night with his cute assistant, his father is convinced James is not ready to be the next CEO. To save face, he makes Rebecca an offer: pretend to be his fiancée to prove to his family that he’s not a playboy and, in return, he will pay the debt for her.


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this is beautiful
thump up

another trouble with his mother

happy for you girl

good girl

02.06.2021, 15:41:58

So happy that i was able to read till the end. I really love the story.

bad boy, you owed the debt

sekinat sulaiman
19.05.2021, 18:19:22

very interesting

Carolina Cagatcagat-Madronero
11.04.2021, 10:56:47


Nancy Bagot
10.04.2021, 05:13:22

Love the story. Good luck for more.

Sheeba Pratheesh
26.01.2021, 19:44:29

nice story...

Fe Ly Vergara
15.01.2021, 14:14:56

i was reading your book tittled flowers for olivia.But sudden the book disaper in my library..

Fe Ly Vergara
15.01.2021, 14:06:44

i love this part

Mylaine Gapatan
10.01.2021, 01:46:17

wow! loving it. every scenes are all look natural. not oa or dull.

Esther Ivory
22.12.2020, 18:44:31

Love the novel... Thank you

Juliet Cedro
21.12.2020, 23:42:31

Thank you..... Love it feel good story

Rosa Renthlei
20.12.2020, 18:58:47

Nice story. The chapters are just enough. Love it. Keep it up.

Beata Gos
20.12.2020, 13:37:13

Thank you for the nice interestingly and fantastic story

19.12.2020, 17:53:16

Sweet story

Rupsa Roy
18.12.2020, 17:53:17

lovely story!!!

Hope Momoh
17.12.2020, 10:08:20

so sweet

Nina Amores
17.12.2020, 15:42:55

Hope Momoh, Thank you for reading :)

Aririeri Chioma Lolo
15.12.2020, 16:45:26

Awwwww thank you for keeping me glued I await the update.

Nina Amores
15.12.2020, 20:29:00

Aririeri Chioma Lolo, Thank you for reading!

Tita Caliwan Apalit
15.12.2020, 20:07:23

I love this book and want to read more

Nina Amores
15.12.2020, 20:28:39

Tita Caliwan Apalit, Thank you for reading :)

Tita Caliwan Apalit
15.12.2020, 20:07:22

I love this book and want to read more

Habiba Mahmoud
14.12.2020, 17:51:37

you can't imagine how your story make me feel i love it with every cell in my heart can't wait for next chapter you are an amazing writer

Nina Amores
14.12.2020, 19:54:09

Habiba Mahmoud, Thank you so much for your kind words :) i am glad you are enjoying this story

Habiba Mahmoud
14.12.2020, 17:47:32

love you story so much can't wait for your next chapter

Len-len Tirados
09.12.2020, 23:07:23

I love the story the more I read the more it gets interesting. I couldnt stop reading

Nina Amores
10.12.2020, 06:23:17

Len-len Tirados, Thank you!

maame himah
07.12.2020, 19:23:33

Please update the story soon

Nina Amores
08.12.2020, 08:09:50

maame himah, Hi! Thank you for reading I’ll try to update as often as I can

Ivy Ria
02.12.2020, 05:30:48

Nice Writing

Nina Amores
03.12.2020, 17:14:24

Ivy Ria, Thank you :)

01.12.2020, 19:18:17

Hey Nina I am so in love with your story please update it quick na.. ❤

Nina Amores
02.12.2020, 01:12:59

Shanaya, Thank you! I will try to update as often as I can.

Anileve Lenoroc
01.12.2020, 10:34:59

When will be the next chapters be released. Pleeeeease, am waiting.

Nina Amores
02.12.2020, 01:12:37

Anileve Lenoroc, Hi! I will try to update as ofter as I can. At least every other day. Thank you for reading :)

Nasreen Mansuri
01.12.2020, 08:08:30

I think I've fallen in love your writing style. Amazing writing and story as well. Will be waiting for updates.

Nina Amores
02.12.2020, 01:09:09

Nasreen, Thank you vey much! I am glad you are enjoying the story.

Josefina Jusay
30.11.2020, 08:35:16

Nice story

Nina Amores
30.11.2020, 08:55:29

Josefina Jusay, Thank you!

Dream of books
30.11.2020, 06:45:22

nice story please update soon nice

Nina Amores
30.11.2020, 08:55:11

Dream of books, Thank you!

Pamela Hardeo
25.11.2020, 20:10:58

interesting story

Pamela Hardeo
26.11.2020, 04:49:38

Nina AM, yes cannot wait for more chapter s