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The Female assassin and the C.E.O

Bright Wilfred

Story about:ceo, princess, killer

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Description of book "The Female assassin and the C.E.O"

Meet Safiya, Princess of Herakleopolis city in northern Egypt. People call her gem of Herak.

Kings and Princes travel from far to behold her beauty, queens and princesses are jealous of beauty, her elegance.

Princess Safiya isn't just a princess, she has other attributes aside from her beauty. She's a deadly weapon, an assassin.

Her father, king Nitokris, uses her to take out anyone that stands as a treat to his throne, to take the person out of existence but who would ever suspect a gorgeous princess like Safiya?

As the king's belove daughter, she would do anything to please her dad, she doesn't hesitate to do her Father's bidding.

But then a day came, king Nitokris sent her to kill Aris Micah, a very wealthy CEO.....

What happens when her heart beats for the one man she's suppose


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Elijah Tan
06.05.2021, 16:15:38

Are you planning to contiunue the story? It has been more than a month of waiting for the updates. The story is quite unique, I'm interested to know on how the story will end.

Elijah Tan
02.05.2021, 07:15:38

Update please

Olisedeme Tracy Chika
25.04.2021, 17:01:38

I'm loving this bool

Lorraine Thulare
24.04.2021, 09:28:13

What an exciting chapter. Well done author, great job so far.

Dream of books
21.04.2021, 14:42:55

Safiya should know the truth author please and update soon

Dream of books
20.04.2021, 21:03:32

aris should know the truth and Safiya should confront and say that she came to kill and he should ignore her totally and send her out now and she should realize the feelings and live towards him

Dream of books
13.04.2021, 07:03:22

hey drew should fund about her totally please

12.04.2021, 15:50:34

i just hope Drew will find out everything about Fiya after she's gone or completed the mission.. it's interesting .. can't wait for next chapters..

thank you

Tabitha Mutashi
06.04.2021, 21:11:52

Nice story

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