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The Lycan Is My Mate

Godwin Bernice

Story about:it is about two mates who reunited

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#64 in Supernaturals
#281 in Fantasy

Ongoing: 10 May 19 pages

Publication: 10.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Lycan Is My Mate "

"Your mate will be reborn after some years but as a human without the mate bond and if you try forcing the truth on her, it will bring a disaster." she add, her voice full of mirthfulness as she disappear into the thin air.
It looks like the moon goddess is trying to play with him, giving him a human mate is no difference from having no mate. They are the weakest creature ever and their life span is short... This is indeed a great punishment.
In order to destroy the great alpha, the demon and the vampire killed his mate, he went viral and kill so many vampires and demons.
The moon goddess gave him back his mate but in a most cruel way. He lived for years without his mate and when he finally met her, it turns out that she is a human and she won't have the mate bond

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Sunana Ahmad
10.05.2022, 09:47:06

please update author

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