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Book. "Time To Say Goodbye" read online

Time To Say Goodbye

Estrella Rose

Story about:shortstory, one sided love, sad story

Age restriction: 18+

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#223 in Short stories
#311 in Others

Complete 6 pages

Publication: 15.06.2022 — 15.06.2022

Description of book "Time To Say Goodbye"

I never thought it would be so hard to say goodbye to someone to be close to you. But unfortunately, we have to do this sometimes. So, I have no choice. I understand there is no point in trying to change something because everything is hopeless in my case. This is my goodbye letter for those, who truly wanted to make me a little happier but did not get to help me trust them and open my heart and my soul to them...

Author's Note: This is my first short story ever that I wrote just to practice writing something in the first person. Just got a wish to do it... This piece was inspired by one of the storylines in my book (which you can find on my profile). I don't expect that someone loves it, but if someone does, I will be very happy.


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