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Description of book "Trouble "

All I wanted was to get away from him but all he did was to pull me closer.
"What are you doing? "I asked trying so hard not to avert my gaze. I couldn't let him win, I couldn't show him how weak he makes.
"What do you think,Ava? "He continued to move closure, it suddenly became hot around me, I was sweating. "Does he make you cum like I would if you gave me a chance? "He continued whispering in my ear making me shiver and that's when I realized that I was in Trouble.
Enzo De Niro, CEO of the De Niro company, is an interior designer. He's so cold hearted and mean to everyone except family and friends but not his employees especially the clumsy type not until he met Ava Stankus, an internee at the De Niro company.


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